Anybody up for a bit of beta testing?

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Right then, I am looking for beta testers for Needls, which is a tool for generating relationship based sales leads from social networks like Facebook. You tell Needls to look for keywords in your social media feeds and it finds them for you. The pitch is "We find the needls in your social media haystack." Basically it finds stuff you would never know about otherwise. Say you're a web designer. You have a friend who wants a really spiffy blog and website set up and is willing to pay and has said as much on Facebook. You've told Needls to look for posts which have the word "website" in, and it finds the relevant post. You go talk to your pal, say "You want a website! I make them! Let's talk!" and everyone lives happily ever after once the check clears. If you want to be a beta tester and try a new way of generating leads go to Needls - Coming Soon and click on the button that says "become a beta tester" and a beta tester you shall be. Sorry to make this my first post, but we all must start somewhere.
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