Unsure if I should go CPM or CPC

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I have a facebook scraper and would like to know if I should use CPC or CPM. What is better? Help?
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    What is the audience size?
    What are you trying to achieve through the ad?

    Do a cost comparison in a excel sheet.
    E.g. on a Small audience like 30-40k a CPM bid of 0.10 cents would cost you less than a CPC bid of say about 0.40, if clicks to external website is your goal. But then you need to keep a check on frequency when on CPM with a custom audience.

    I switched a similar campaign today to CPC because frequency on CPM was too high(about 7) with barely 10% audience covered, and hardly any clicks at all.
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    There's the secret. I can't seem to get a larger audience over 2-4K. I don't know if this is right or wrong. I hope it isn't wrong.
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    With that small audience, go for CPM. Even with a frequency of 10 you won't spend more than $5, lol.
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