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by jkiley
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I am doing the facebook ads for my website. Facebook is reporting I have received 46 clicks (and charged for them too), but google analytics and statcounter they both are reporting 1 click received from facebook.

Am I missing something? thanks
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    Google analytics is not known for being the most accurate counter around.

    Also, I believe Facebook adjusts clicks at a later time if they have indeed charged you for more, or if some of the clicks you got were fraudulent. Often times I have seen my FB advertising charges lowered for not specific reason, and I simply attribute that to some clicks were not counted at a later date.

    Either way, that's the way it goes. Your clicks and stats will never be completely accurate with any platform... at the same time, you don't want to do business where there is obvious wide gaps... always give or take a few. It's the nature of the PPC business.
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    Even if they are fraudulent clicks, they are still clicks. 46 vs 1 click is a huge gap. 46 is what facebook is reporting and 1 is what statcounter and google analytics is reporting. I guess I could understand if there was a difference of couple of clicks...but 45 is a huge number.
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    i always have a slight variance between what Facebook reports and my own tracker. I use Linktrackr rather than GA but the difference tends to be 1 or 2 clicks not the gulf you're seeing.

    you should invest in a decent tracker if you already have the budget to spend on facebook advertising
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      Many possibilities but one reason is the placement of the statistics code. The visitors might not stay on the page long enough for a specific code to load and the visit to register.

      You can use many trackers and have discrepancy. but 46 clicks is low. I like using Bevo affportal to track my ad clicks. but you can use any type of trackers.
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        i would recommend you extremetracking is very powerfull counter
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