Is it better to make 1 YouTube channel or Multiple Youtube Channels for my site

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Im working with someone on a modeling website.

We are posting photo shoot videos on Youtube for promotion of our models and the website. We are trying to decide which would be the better route.

Make a YouTube Channel for the website and put all the model videos in that one channel


Make an individual account for each model and upload their videos to their account?

Help me figure this out
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    Of course, you can go about this both ways.
    I belive that you'll get results either way.

    It depends on your aim...

    I would launch one channel that features all
    models, and here's why. It'll save you time
    when managing the channel, uploading vids,
    and editing.

    That way you're not toggling between channels.
    It'll also depend on what the models want.
    The level of exposure.

    You can create groups or tags of each model
    on the one channel. This way, as visitors come
    in they can find the model of their choice without

    As far as SEO, make a list of the keywords you
    want the ONE channel to place for and use
    them consistently in channel's description,
    channel URL, and even the video descriptions.

    Remember, even though you want to brand each
    model, you want to brand the company name (website)
    above all. Besides...

    The cumulative effect of the different models on
    one channel will give it more juice for search engines.
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    Kevin is right. Don't spread yourself thin. Focus on building the one channel.
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    One is enough... Increase subscribers.... Increase Sales
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      You want to just make one channel to maximize the content available when people look through all your videos and to collect all of your subscribers in one place!

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  • Profile picture of the author Deepak Kaushik
    You should focus only one particular channel. And upload all videos in that channel. So, Everyone aware about this channel.
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    Don't spread yourself thin. Focus on building the one channel.
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    One account definitely. More accumulated followers & videos at one place make more sense.
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    One enough in my opinion, find a safe course. and focus on a single channel in traffic and viewers.
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    Both the methods are good, but here if you consider that if youtube terminates your one and only account you will be in big trouble, so if you have multiple accounts then if your one account gets blocked you won't get much affected.
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