Followers for stumble upon and Pinterest?

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I don't know what I am doing wrong, but I've had my Stumbleupon and pin interest accounts active for a few months now, and I've followed 77 people on Pinterest already and quite a few people already on Stumbleupon- but nobody is following me back.

I did it with Twitter and Instagram and Google+ and I got good results.

My goal is to reach 130 followers for each account.

With Reddit, do you need friends for people to see your posts?

What about StumbleUpon and Pinterest?

Also, I tried finding comments for my niche on StumbleUpon and Pinterest, but nobody has commented in it yet.

My niche is "off the grid living"and self sufficiency, and it doesn't seem to be a popular niche at all, especially with no comments yet.

The reason I am trying to find comments in my niche is to associate with people so they can eventually follow me back
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