Is a facebook fan page essential?

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im new to IM and currently experimenting with teespring. im about to launch a campaign, and my design is aimed at a popular baseball team's fan base.
so, inevitably, there are already quite a few fan pages and groups for this particular team. cant i just use these fan pages and groups, and of course facebook ads, to promote my T, or should i still create my own fan page?
thx in advance for your opinion.
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    you can use those pages and groups to laser target your ads.

    There are some good apps that can create custom Facebook audience for you based on selected FB pages and groups.

    Plus you can join open groups and post your ad directly (if allowed)

    If you only plan to promote your campaigns there is no need to create your own page. It takes a lot of time to build responsive fan base and you could use that time to promote your offer to already existing community.
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    Creating your own fan page will be very helpful. Why? Because it'll be easier for you to track/monitor your campaign.

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    I think Facebook fan pages is important to promote product in real time & brings customer in for those who want to use Facebook for their business purpose.
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    It's not 100% needed as you can use pure PPC ads to drive traffic to where ever you want... if you want to do newsfeed ads, then yes, you'll need a fanpage. So... get a fan page up... it only takes but about 2 minutes or so and you're done... it can be a very basic one, nothing fancy, to get you going.
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      As with a lot of things, its better to have than not have and miss out.
      A Facebook fan page can have its uses and could be worth the investment
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    Good points were made about ppc. Don't plan on getting organic traffic. My page of 115,000 likes saw it's organic reach divebomb the day after I finished my first test ad campaign. 4,000,000 weekly reach is now 600,000 and dropping every day. After a week of testing, I am 100% positive the trigger was advertising. It seems once they think you're a business, it doesn't matter how much your fans like your content. Facebook won't show it to them. I just called Facebook advertising to inquire about advertising programs - $1,500 for a month campaign to reach 200,000 to 250,000. It's a shame, but now I only plan to advertise individual products and not worry so much about keeping the page current and engaging. There's no point in wasting the time. To anyone reading this post who grew their page organically - DO NOT ADVERTISE ON FACEBOOK.
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    Because creating your own page is free and you can also benefit from it I don't see why you should not create a page but in the same time also use the existing pages if they allow you to advertise there.
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    Creating a fan page is so easy that you as well do it. They take a bit of maintaining with regular posting etc. but this can be outsourced.
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