How To Get Unique Visitors?

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Please tell me How to Get Unique Visitors?

Hi friends plz tell me .
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    Promote your offers via Facebook, Linkedin, forums, PPC to get unique visitors
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    Tell us more about "Unique Visitors". Do you have a blog or a facebook page?

    If you are looking for traffic, there are lots of ways and it depends on what you are trying to market.
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      It all depends where you want to direct your traffic to...

      Give us more details pls
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      Originally Posted by aditku View Post

      This could help 65 ways to drive traffic (not my blog, i found it from google)
      This is cool aditku! But, have you tried all of it? I'm interested in Odiogo, do you think it is okay to turn your blog into podcast, how about spun articles (to podcast)?

      On the other hand the article was written almost 3 years ago, do you think the information written there is still relevant?

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      Originally Posted by aditku View Post

      This could help 65 ways to drive traffic (not my blog, i found it from google)

      i have checked this "65 ways to drive traffic" page that was very informative and useful
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      Originally Posted by aditku View Post

      This could help 65 ways to drive traffic (not my blog, i found it from google)
      The above link of "65 ways to drive traffic" could be really beneficial if you follow it properly.

      A good programmer is someone who always looks both ways before crossing a one-way street. ~Doug Linder

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    I think if you update your special offer with targeted people you can get unique visitor...
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    First get high quality content on your site,
    That will actually compel users to share them with their friends then start sharing your content on social media sites

    Start with facebook, stumbleupon and pinterest

    Read guides about these networks to leverage best from them
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    You need Organic SEO Traffic!

    These steps will help you:

    Implement On Page(s) SEO.

    Implement a High Quality Content Creation Strategy.

    Implement a High-Quality Link Building Strategy.

    Use Advanced Keywords Research.

    Monitor your traffic carefully.

    Ali Alvie

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    First of all there must be something so interesting on your website that if once the user lands there he finds it truly useful and feels like coming back again. One satisfied customer for sure would tell others too about the usefulness your website is providing. To be able to be searched by people easily you need to as high as possible for SERPs. For that you can go for on-page optimisation with proper selection of meta tags after proper keyword research and small small but effective things like providing relevant alt texts to images, sprinkling words related to your exact keyword on the complete page rather than stuffing the keyword.Off page SEO particularly your link building technique should concentrate on quality links and not the quantity and should be of your niche.
    Also try Social Media Marketing as this will let you connect to masses very easily.
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    you cant get to unique visitors until you contact to a highly experienced seo expert because it is a very difficult job to get unique visitors
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    You can get unique visitors by article submission and by social book marking and a big think SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    If you don't have knowledge about SEO so, don't worry!
    You can go for blog posting or social bookmarking or you can create a facebook page about your product or website.
    This will increase your website's visitors but SEO is necessary bro, i know SEO but not very expert in SEO!
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    You have posted this thread in social media. So one question raised in my mind, why do you need unique visitors? Main purpose of social media is to engage with people and build your brand in their mind. Brand awareness is second purpose, so if anyone wants to buy what you are selling he will visit your website first if he knows about you. And third purpose is to spread your limited time offers in viral.
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    Soooo many different ways. You just have to actually do it. Social, blogs, link building, youtube, etc
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    Advertisement is the best option, social media sites like Facebook are great opportunity to do that, Facebook ads are excellent in getting targeted audience.
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    Do SEO and post to social media sites. Also use paid traffic.
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    from facebook, twitter, stumble upon, pinterest and many high pr sites which have traffic you have to search on google for high pr websites
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