FACEBOOK ADS: How am I doing & how can I get more bang for buck? (screenshot)

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Hi Guys,

I just started running some facebook ads for my business and I know I want to improve my conversion of these clicks, but also want to get as many clicks per $ spent as possible.

I'm running Optimized CPM along with manual CPMs. The bid range for the demographic I'm advertising to says $0.08 - $0.32 .. I did a low, medium, and over CPM bid at $0.10, $0.24, & $0.50, however, my ads are not even getting impressions at the $0.50 bid. The Optimized CPMs are getting shown but I'm paying $0.83-$1.91 CPM on the Optimized CPM

(which I don't understand why is it different if it is Optimized.. seems the $1.91 is not very optimized)..

Can anyone offer some strategy to stretch my ad budget?
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    how focused is your targeting?

    I just ran a promoted post for $5 and got 200 clicks and a handful of likes from it.... 2000~ impressions.

    targeted 3 interest groups that were extremely relevant to my niche, made my age group 25-65...I usually dont go younger than that because there's a lot more poor 21 year olds than there are 25 year olds.

    Personally I don't even mess with anything but promoted posts anymore on FB...too many BS likes and clicks with their traditional ads.
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    I'd focus on even more targeted audience. You'll definitely get better CTR. It also depends which countries are you targeting - US is the most expensive in any combination. If you don't care about the country there are plenty of alternative ones

    Could you give us more information: niche, target, country...

    I also use Facebook UID Scrapper software to create custom audience based on target groups, and most active contributors in those groups. It's a bit more work to create laser targeted audiences but it pays out.

    Good luck
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      Hey dietmtndew,

      You can try setting up 3-4 duplicates of the same campaign and set up different bids and track the results. This way you are optimizing the cpm through your own testing. This works for me well in choosing a good bid range.
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