Getting more people to add you to their circles and join your G+ Community!

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Starting a google community from scratch can be very difficult. Usually there are similar groups with thousands of members and your small group doesn't get nearly as much exposure or interest.

I want to share a simple and easy method to boost the community you just created. Over a month you can easily have hundreds of new members joining your community and adding you to their circles.

1. Create your community, customize all the links and description, add content daily. (probably already done and part of your plan)

2. Browse through large community groups similar to your group niche. For example: If your niche was about mobile, search for all the mobile related communities.

3. Start adding people posting articles/commenting in those communities to your circles. All these people are interested in your community (because they are active in similar communities), they just don't know it yet

4. Once you've added these people to your circles, and I would spend about a week+ adding new people. The more people you add, the more will eventually join your community. (Many of them should add you back within a day.) You have the ability to share your community with the people you've added to your circles!

5. Go to your community, click Share This Community in the top right corner and select the circle you want to share it with.

6. Done! You should get new members joining your community.

Here's a small simple example:

I added about 25 people, shared my community with them and I got about 10 new members.

Hope this helps some people out there!
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