Facebook ad frequency very high

by 19rl75
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Has anyone else noticed this? In the last week or so ad frequency is ridiculously high right off the bat. This has been the case for custom audiences as well as normal facebook targeting. For example, I just started a new ad and it's already at 2.8 frequency with an ad reach of 600 people. There are 8,000 people targeted in this ad.

Another one I currently have running has a frequency of 5.2 already. It's been running only 2 hours. Potential audience of 9,000 people.

Likewise the click through rates have bottomed out. Even failed campaigns in the past would produce 2% CTR, today I have some that are less than .5%. In fact, one is an ad that had a 6% CTR rate earlier this week, I paused it and re-launched today and the CTR is less than 0.75%. I have sold 17 shirts on this campaign today, so it's not like it is a dud.

I have tried CPM, CPC, OCPM and all of them have been producing similar results in the past several days.
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