Youtube Newscast Videos + Press Release + Kim Kardashian = $$$?

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Okay, I want to share a newscast video I made. This video looks just like a real newscast and it's promoting a children's potty training book. I mention in the video that Kim Kardashian "tweeted" about the book and I even posted a fake tweet. (This video is not being promoted - this was more of a fun parody I made.) See the newscast here:

Question, couldn't I or someone make a similar video (without the fake Kardashian plug) and then pay a service like PRweb to run a press release? If so, do you think this would work? Does PRweb embed video releases on the actual press release?

I think these type of videos + Press release could make $$ - just gotta figure out how!

PS: I AM actually Xavier Finkley - its one of my pen names - and the book really sells 75-100 hard copies a month and 80-120 kindle copies a month. Since I am in Colorado, I cant make the link an Amazon Affiliate link - not allowed in our state, but since I wrote the book, I still get like $3 for every hard cope sale and $2.09 for every kindle sale!
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