LinkedIn LION: anyone tried?

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Hello warriors!

I've come across the concept of "LinkedIn LION" a few days ago (I know the term exists since 2008 or something... sorry!) and I thought it might be a good way to grow my network on LinkedIn.

Basically, LinkedIn LIONS accept everyone inviting them to be their LinkedIn connection (just like accepting every friend request on FaceBook).

LION means LinkedIn Open Networker.
Here's a thread about it:

But I'm not sure yet if I should add LIONS or not to my network. Even if they are LIONS AND part of my target audience, doesn't that look like a Twitter "follow me and I'll follow you back"? Do these people actually engage with you? After all, I'm looking for new connections there, and I know staying silent doesn't help in business.

So, what do you guys think? Any LIONS out there?
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    Hey Vander,

    yes - I have recently tried connecting with LIONs, very easy way to increase your connections.

    The pro's:
    - increase connections which increases your reach, network etc.
    - the PYMK (people you may know) increase as a result, so you can start adding non LIONs (I have my VA do this daily)
    - they won't tag you as spam if you approach them with a message/targeted offer

    The con's:
    - They share a lot of spammy updates about being LIONs
    - They generally always contact you with their own offers
    - you can potentially lose credibility if all of your connections show up as LIONS

    All in all, I think it's worth it to boost your connections... but I would definitely diversify.

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    Does this Lion linked in process still work or will it get your account banned?
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      Hey Durable,

      The process I have used has not got me banned >>

      The way I have done it is by joining (non aff link).

      The free version means you get a list per week of people who always accept invites, the only problem can be if you burn through your invitations (starts with 3,000 invites, but you can ask for more if you go through those)

      The $50 annual fee adds you to this list, the benefit is that then people ask you to connect with them from the free list. So I receive about 10+ connection requests from this per day.

      So it depends what you mean by the LION process, the one I am following is legit and haven't had any issues.

      Any questions, just let me know, I'm testing a whole lot of different ideas and approaches at the moment.

      I have joined the groups, but I don't have LION all over my account or anything like that. I think it devalues my profile.

      Currently trying to build it and have reached a bit over 5,000

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    There are some LIONs that know the rules of engagement.
    There are LIONs that dont. How to learn to differentiate them? How to not fall in the mistake of adding a SPAMMER?
    I have learn from time to time to just let go those boring robotic profiles and filter those that are really sharing valuable info and links on their profiles. That is gold.
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    How do you correctly become a LION with out getting banned can you explain exactly what you did?
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      Originally Posted by DURABLEOILCOM View Post

      How do you correctly become a LION with out getting banned can you explain exactly what you did?
      Being a LION won't get you banned. Joining those groups will enable you to quickly add lots of connections.

      Just as someone said above, having LION plastered all over your account can devalue it.

      Using toplinked won't get you banned either. Whilst testing the limits of LinkedIn, I have been banned 3 different times (on the same account)

      Too many IDK's (I don't knows) or people tagging you as spam is what hurts and will get you banned, but LIONs rules are that they never do that and they accept all connections.

      So you can join that LION group you found. If you ask people to connect, with their email, who want to connect with you... you'll be fine. And that's what LIONs are all about.

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    LION is a good way to start up. Its like fake facebook likes but this time you interact with networkers

    Lets say for example you are a visitor of a fanpage - you saw 1 like, you will hesitate to like it cause you are thinking of nonsense, however if you bump on the same page and saw 5k likes you will be intrigued and like the page as well right??

    Same goes with Linkedin, If your a linkedin user more connections means more people are connected or in facebook more likes.

    Use it only as a headstart, there's no use in getting all the LION connections, its like buying 1 million likes on facebook without the actual traffic in your target niche
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