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signup all websites [ total 9 websites]
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    Yes! And send backlinks to your site from these social media sites. Here is an infographic that illustrates how much social media means to your site's SEO now:

    SEO Ranking Factors - Rank Correlation 2013 for Google USA 2013
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      I think a lot of those numbers are more anecdotal then anything. The Spearmans ranking coefficient was used for that report which to me doesn't prove that any of the listed items actually make the rankings.

      From my understand it's just drawing correlations between onsite factors that site have that are ranking well.

      Google has for example plainly stated that social signals like FB likes have ZERO to impact on a sites rankings.

      Originally Posted by darlanne View Post

      Yes! And send backlinks to your site from these social media sites. Here is an infographic that illustrates how much social media means to your site's SEO now:

      SEO Ranking Factors - Rank Correlation 2013 for Google USA 2013
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    Can you explain more how to boost site ranking with this 9 site.. each..?
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    Can you people try to elaborate on this, what needs to be done once sign up on these social sites. I checked infographic as referred but it does not show to how work, it simply shows facts about ranking factor.

    Do simply signing up on these 9 social sites makes it possible? Dont you feel that we need to take an active participation on these social sites and build our fans/tweets/references etc.?
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    For all those asking what is the proper use of Social media for site ranking, here are some facts :
    1) Google give value to the Social Signals when ranking search results.
    2) You get free backlinks from Social Media.
    3) Google give extra value to Google+ , when someone +1 your link/post you get more value.


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    They are all great resources to drive traffic to your site,
    • Complete your profiles and engage with people.
    • Brand yourself don't just simply create them and post.
    • Gaining shares, likes, followers are the key, means your doing something right
    Google plus Is great because whoever pluses your site will also see you in google search on first page. I wish I had a google plus from everyone.
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    If you have effetive presence on all these above sites, then yes it would help your ranking.
    Just ceating profile would not help a lot unless you have a decent presence in there.
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    Thanks for your nice sharing.

    After working more than 5 years on SEO I understand Social Site Has no contribution to increase PR. Yes believe it or not but true fact. But social media can increase your site visibility on Search Engine and also can increase your traffic.

    To know PR Secret just search on Yahoo: How to get google page rank quickly

    Hope you will get the right tips.

    Thank you.
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      Helpful list, I'll make sure I try this
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    Signing up does not helps you
    First make sure you have very informative article, with images and videos
    Something users will share with their friends
    Then signup for these social sites and start sharing your content

    Also see if you can buy ads on these social sites which will help you a lot
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    Nice but oooops! you forgot StumbleUpon there.
    StumbleUpon is giving me a huge traffic direct to my blog post. Read my blog post on how I generated 1965 visitors to my site in just one day using StumbleUpon.
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    I think you miss the StumbleUpon and Vimeo. These sites are also works a good.

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    I don't think just signing up alone with these social networking sites will boost your site ranking. Engagement is still necessary as well as investing time and effort.

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    Links to your content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and other social networks help the search engines understand what websites are credible and should be ranked for what keyword phrases.
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    You can still start adding people to the social media sites before you engage them. And yes, how you engage them matters a lot!
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    I will go for pinterest. You are ought to get pretty good amount of traffic from Pinterest.
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      Hey dude, I've been seeing you replying to a lot of posts with just one liners. It appears your sole purpose for replying is to just get clicks on your signature link which is OK but you have got to start offering some value here or I'm personally going to start reporting your one liner replies that don't offer any value what's so ever.

      Originally Posted by Project View Post

      But not only sign up - also be a bit active on all of them - than you can expect really good results!
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