Facebook "like" vs "share" which one should my site have?

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I'm not sure which one I should use on my blog post? What's the difference? Does one increase viral traffic over the other?
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    Use them both if you can, addthis.com has plenty. A share gets more views, but the point is to get people to like it, they are both good.
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    Well, sharing means other people will see this post in their facebook timeline because their friend shared it with them.
    I generally tend to have both buttons, but it makes me happier when people share stuff instead of just liking it.
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    Both of them are important.
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      Both are important.
      Likes tend to encourage others to look or like as well.
      Shares increase the outreach and can help with being seen, but its not a guaranteed way to increase traffic
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    It's best to have both. "Likes" give your content social proof, people see that and think, "oh, everybody else likes this, it must be good" lol

    "Sharing" will help get your content out in front of more people, the friends and contacts of your existing readers.

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