List of Facebook Groups For Solo Ads, Ad Swaps & Clickbanking

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So I've been doing a lot of research & testing for solo ad marketing. I thought I would share this list of related Facebook groups. Most groups are for advertisements & a few are for discussion. Yes - you see a lot of the same posters in different groups. I like the fact that dishonest sellers often are exposed as what occurs here at the Warrior Forum.

Groups that show no activity or with just a small amount of members won't be added. If I am missing any groups please mention them & I will add them to the list. When new names are added I will now show the (add date) to make things easier for everyone.

New groups added 10-22-2014

Adswap Central (added 10-22-2014)
Ad-swaps, Solo Ads, Giveaway Events and JV Group
All-In-One Solo Ads Advertising Platform (added 8-30-2014)
Almir`s SOLO ADS GROUP (added 10-22-2014)
Anoop Chawla's Killer Solos Group (added 10-22-2014)
Best Solo Ad Sellers On The Internet
Best Solo Ads and Ad Swap, Buy and sell Solo, Clickbanking Testimonials (added 10-3-2014)
Chris George's Solo Ads/Swaps and Clickbanking Group
Chris Mitchell's Solo Ad Marketplace
Click Banking & Adswaps.No Solos
Clickbanking Blacklist (added 10-3-2014)
click Banking Here (added 8-30-2014)
David Dekel's Express Solo Ad Group (Under 24 Hour Delivery Sellers ONLY) (added 8-30-2014)
David Eisner's Solo Ad Mastermind
Don Leadman's Solo Ads Exchange
Earn Money Now Online Solo Ads Group (added 10-22-2014)
Frank Liu's Trusted Solo Ad Group (added 10-22-2014)
High Volume Solo Ads (500 clicks or higher ONLY)
Hjalte Ravns Solo Discussion Group
I Need Clicks - Solo Ad Buyers Only
INSTANT SOLO ADS - Buy & Sell Immediately! (added 10-22-2014)
James Starr's Solo Ads/Swaps And Traffic Secrets Group (added 10-22-2014)
Jason Fulton's Solos & Adswap Group
John Cornetta's Solo Ad & Swap Group (added 8-30-2014)
Juan Morales' Epic Solo Exchange
JV + Giveaways + AdSwaps + Make Money Online + Solo Ads + WSO + IM
Kalon Willis Solo Ad Marketplace
Make Money Online - JV - WSO - Solos - AdSwaps - Giveaways - IM - Warriors
Matthew Barnett's Killer Solos Group
Official Group
Ryan Boyce's (Bizzoyce) Solo Ad Testimonials
Scalable Marketing Ventures Solo Ads Group
Secret Solo Ads - Buy And Sell Solo Ads
Smart Solo Ads (added 10-22-2014)
Solo Ad Boss Solo Traffic (added 10-22-2014)
Solo Ad Boss Bulk Solo Group (added 8-30-2014)
Solo Ad Boss Solo Traffic group (added 8-30-2014)
Solo Ad Expert - Buy+Sale+Swap+JV Events
Solo Ad Results ClickBanking Group
Solo Ad Special Packages and Offers
Solo Ad Swipe, share and discuss
Solo Ad Testimonials (added 10-3-2014)
Solo Ad Traffic that CONVERTS for Biz Opps (added 10-22-2014)
Solo Ads (added 10-22-2014)
SOLO ADS 100-90% T1 TESTIMONIALS (added 10-3-2014)
Solo Ads Advertising For Buyers & Sellers
*** SOLO ADS AND MUCH MORE *** (added 10-22-2014)
Solo-Ads (BUY AND SELL) (added 8-30-2014)
Solo ads boss Solo Coaching (added 10-3-2014)
Solo Ads buying and selling group top tier.
Solo Ads Diamonds Marketing (added 8-30-2014)
Solo Ads for Internet Marketers (added 10-22-2014)
Solo Ads Management - Solo's & Adswaps
Solo ads Marketplace (added 10-3-2014)
Solo Ads Talk (added 10-22-2014)
Solo Ads Testimonials (added 10-22-2014)
Solo-Tycoon Mastermind solos, click banking & swaps
Steve Brodsky Solo Ads Marketplace
The Black Black Club Solo Ad Group
Tom Kent's Solo Ad Market, swaps + Banks
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