The best tool for managing Facebook pages (Small Business)

by Mofu
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Hi Warriors,

I am brand new here, so let me start by saying hi, and thank you for this amazing place.

Now, my question I really hope someone out there can help me with.
*What is the best/some of the best, tools for managing Facebook pages?*
What I am looking for is:
- Manage comments, post and privates.
- Reply to comments, also threaded.
- Moderate, approve, hide and delete comments.
- Moderate, approve, hide and delete posts.
- Answer private messages.

I have been looking at systems like: AgoraPulse, SocialSprout and Hootsuite, but none of them have ticket all the boxes. So for AgoraPulse have been bestm but lacks the private messaging part.

I hope someone can help out here. Thank you all!
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    It doesn't tick all the boxes for what you want but I use Hootsuite and would recommend it for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc
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    Try this tool for managing your social media activities Facebook Page Apps, Statistics, Management and CRM - agorapulse
    Prospring launch offering a 100 Million in Prizes and stacks of benefits each week.

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      Originally Posted by Assignmentwriter View Post

      Try this tool for managing your social media activities Facebook Page Apps, Statistics, Management and CRM - agorapulse

      My page would be 160$ a month .. that's just insane overpriced.

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    Hootsuite is something we prefer to others. It is really easy to use and manage.
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    Another vote for Hootsuite.

    Something that is worth mentioning is Buffer. If you are going to load up a lot of scheduled posts, Buffer gives you a lot more flexibility than Hootsuite does (especially with regards to uploading images vs. having a link that the user must click on to see the image)
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    I prefer Sendible because of their reporting you can see when someone tweets, posts or likes shares, etc. They will email you and tell you how you should approach engaging with your users.
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    Hello everyone! : happy:
    I'm new to this site. My name is zaid, I would like to exchange experiences, knowledge with people who have the same passion as me on this forum. thank you
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    I vote for HootSuite

    Links are easy to share across the social media board.

    The basic HootSuite service provides limited scheduled messages and RSS feeds.



    Unlimited social networks
    Unlimited RSS/Atom feeds
    Unlimited stats history
    Add one team member to your account
    Google Analytic integration and Facebook Insights integration
    Bulk scheduling


    Limit of five social networks
    Limit of two RSS Feeds
    30-stat history
    Message scheduling


    Mobile Capabilities
    The world is at your fingertips with this Twitter client. The HootSuite mobile package provides Twitter management users with access to their favorite social networks, giving them the ability to share information with ease. HootSuite provides its powerful Twitter client tool for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry.
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    Here's a suggestion.

    Unless you are running multiple pages (10+) why not just use Facebook itself until you really get in deep?
    Not being rude but you are just asking for what Facebook allows already at this point mate.
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    I use Hootsuit and i like it, you can do all activities as you have motioned above.
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    Hootsuite is definitely a good option with the requirements that you are in requirement of.
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    One problem I had with Hootsuite is that the posts I made from there, don't show thumbnails for some reason, but I did this months ago. If they fix this problem, I might use it again.
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    Thumbs for Hootsuite. But I absolutely agree that you really don't need it unless you're managing several pages.
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    Hootsuite is best for your social media activities.
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    Does hootsuite have a feature like this:

    Facebook Automatic Moderation Tools

    I need to have comments automatically deleted from my ad campaign.
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