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Hello, Sorry If I ask dumb question.. I am in ambiguous about Google Authorship Image. Actually I wanna know which type of image is perfect in Google Authorship? Company Logo or Picture of People?
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    Pictures of people will get clicked on more often than company logos.

    Consider the following: are you more likely to believe a company telling you they are a good company, or a person telling you a company is good?
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    Your Google Authorship head-shot should be YOU vs. a logo image. You don't want it to be cartoon character, nor should you be wearing sunglasses. It will help if you other socials use the same head-shot for personal branding issues.
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    For photos using personal photos, company logo you can use it as your profile photo Gplus page.
    Use a real photo to give good confidence.
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    People for sure. That said, Google authorship does not always show. It seems to be a bit naughty in that way. I have it on my blog and it works 70% of the time, but not all.

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