Quickest Way to Rank A Youtube video :)

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Let's take a look at the factors that affect your Videos Ranking.

1. How long the Video is viewed for.

2. How many Likes it has.

3. How many Views it has.

4. How often people add it to their Favorites.

5. Publishing content regularly.

6. Good Title, Description and Keywords.

7. Relevant Tags.

8. Annotations that drive traffic to other videos, playlists, channels or subscriptions.

9. Placing Videos in Playlists.

10. The more Comments the better.

Let's take a look at the factors that are within your control more closely.

Publishing content regularly:
Publishing content regularly is very important if you want to have a successful YouTube channel because not only does it improve your ranking, but by being an active member you will increase the amount of subscribers you have.
The more people that follow you the more leads you will get!

Good Title, Description and Keywords:
A good Title is also very important because even if your video does rank on the first page of YouTube, without a good eye-catching Title people will not click on it.
Think of a different Title which will make it to stand out from the rest of the videos on YouTube.

The Description should be a short overview to your video.
You should always include the Title in the Description at least once!

Your Keywords are the words that you are trying to Rank High for.

Relevant Tags:
The tags should be kept specific and relevant to your keywords.
Tags should be the words that you think people are going to use for their search and these should not be placed individually.

For Example:
Incorrect Tagging: MyFunLife, Review, Best

Correct Tagging: MyFunLife Review, Best MyFunLife Review

The more Comments the better:
The way to build more comments is to simply respond to people that have commented on your video.
Building comments very early also helps increase your ranking.

How to See Hidden YouTube Tags:

Please note that even though I am using Firefox to show this, it can also be done using Google Chrome and other internet browsers by following the same concept.

1. Go to the video whose tags you want to see.

2. Right-click on the white area and select 'View Page Source'.

3. Click on 'Edit' located at the top and select 'Find'.
Alternatively you can use a shortcut by pressing Ctrl+F on your keyboard.

4. Type in keywords and press Enter on your keyboard.

You will now be able to see some of the Tags that are being used on that video.
However, if the video has a lot of Tags then they will not all be shown here.

To see all of the YouTube Tags press Enter on your keyboard in the search field once more. Now next to "keywords" you will be able to see all of the YouTube Tags for that video.
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