My new favorite tshirt vendor beyond Teespring... long term sales!

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Hey what's up?

Today, I'm not going to talk about some glamorous campaign that raked in $15,000 over the past 3 days with Teespring or anything like that...

I'm actually going to share with you one of the new vendors... away from Teespring... I used to turn a dying fan page into a solid $200 profit from shirt sales alone in the month of March...

It may not sound like much, but it's the start to a very lucrative long term funnel as you'll see... something Teespring doesn't offer.

Just to catch up on what I've been working on... I have a Pug lover's fan page that was pretty much dead only 45-60 days ago. I hadn't posted regular content on the page in quite a while at that point, but decided early in 2014 that I was going to jump into the dog niche heavily.

At that point, I started posting again and tshirts were definitely one of my main promotions I wanted to use in the mix.

I started with Teespring since I had such success with them through my ad campaigns... but this was different. This was selling straight through the fan page and this page was much like a brand new page from the low activity.

I kept running into the same problem early on... I never could hit my Teespring goals to make the actual profit. This was killing the first month back with the pug page. I made zero profit from shirt sales even though selling 10+... problem was they were in various designs on Teespring and none hit the goal needed.

I knew I had to find another option outside of Teespring that allowed me to profit each shirt sale... and not have ridiculously low commissions from places like Amazon.

That's when I came across SunFrog Shirts. It's much like Teespring, but allows you profit per sale instead of use the scarcity effect Teespring does.

For those that are having trouble hitting their goals on Teespring, this is a great option... Plus they offer great marketing options like tracking pixels, great analytics, a buyer's list, and a few other great additions. The owner is definitely internet marketer friendly... he's doing as much as he can to help us.

I made a video that goes through some of the cool things on SunFrog plus how to set up your first shirt. Check it out:

SunFrog Shirts is definitely a huge part of my current plan. You can even make money without having to send traffic... I've made an extra $12 the past week just because I created 1 shirt that other pug pages are selling.

hope this helps those tshirt sellers out there get some long term sales going.

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    I've been following your other thread, you know the 'glamorous one' , and I think it's great that you share your information so freely! Most people keep their methods under the rug unless they're selling them of course. Members like you make this board a great place to be... just sayin'
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    Hi Travis, I actually read this like 20 minutes ago on my email, Im on your list and let me tell you, your emails are pure gold, keep it up man!

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    Hey Travis,

    Are you using direct affiliate link for selling for SunFrog t-shirts? It seems that it may be easier to just sell other's designs so we can save some money on designing etc.

    Did you try it?

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      Originally Posted by karaboga View Post

      Hey Travis,

      Are you using direct affiliate link for selling for SunFrog t-shirts? It seems that it may be easier to just sell other's designs so we can save some money on designing etc.

      Did you try it?
      Both of course. I make a few staple shirts that I sell on a continual basis, but also sell other designers shirts since its' still about 45% commission each sale just as an affiliate.

      The more designs you have of your own, the more money you'll make through the month though... Plus other marketers will sell your designs and make you extra passive income. I added a few hundred dollars to my profit stream in April because of the new designs I uploaded.

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        I just found this thread and was looking forward to watch the video but it has been removed. How are things going selling?

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