Twitter Traffic Strategies? Anyone can share?

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Hi Warriors.

Here's the traffic stats of my blog:

Can anyone share their strategies how to gain more traffic using twitter than Facebook?

Thanks in advanced!
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    Hi darkc0de1
    Here are the strategies that I use to generate traffic from Twitter.

    1. The URL in my profile is alternated to the main page of my site and a Twitter landing page. The Twitter landing page talks about how I tweet, how I interact and what my interests are, and that I don't respond to DMs. I find it's good to set boundaries from time to time.

    2. I make sure I follow people who might be interesting to have a conversation with as well as people I'd like to do business with and finally local people as I'm more likely to meet up with them than anyone else. Also it doesn't hurt to get referrals from local peeps.

    3. I make sure I share hyper-useful advice to my followers. Some with links and some without.

    4. I take care to use hashtags to reach a bigger audience.

    5. I follow certain hashtags to see what people are sharing and RTing, when I see what's popular I look at creating a piece of content on a similar topic and using that hashtag, to ride the wave of interest.

    6. I'm active in my RTing of people local to me, and my clients, and influencers in my niche. This leads to good RT's of my content.

    7. Join and actively participate in Triberr. Use it as a networking tool primarily and then to drive traffic.

    I hope that helps, good luck with driving more Twitter traffic

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    Originally Posted by darkc0de1 View Post

    Can anyone share their strategies how to gain more traffic using twitter than Facebook?
    1) Your WF profile doesn't show your Twitter account
    2) The sites from your sig line don't show your Twitter account


    a) Do you want more traffic but you don't need more followers? It doesn't make sense.

    b) If you reveal what your account is, then you may receive SPECIFIC tips, not general tips
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    For Twitter:

    Post daily and follow people to build networks.
    Monitor your keywords and Customize your profile background.
    Mix your website links and content in with posts and don’t auto-follow.
    Invite Twitter followers to your forum.
    Retweets posts from people related to your niche.
    Try hashtag and friendly comments.

    Ali Alvie

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    tweets and re tweets and follows.. thats the key to twitter traffic
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    1. Find your keyword related people using #tag.
    2. Follow them
    3. Retweet, favorite their tweets.
    4. Make interesting tweet within 120 charecter and use URL shortner, #tag
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    Thank you so much. my site traffic is dramatically increasing now
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    Websites get about 15% of referral traffic from Facebook, 5% from Pinterest, and 1% traffic from Twitter on average. Your traffic stats are perfectly normal.

    To get good traffic from Twitter:
    1) Build a large and quality follower base.
    2) Write and test what Tweets work best and when.
    3) Use social media management software to schedule the tested Tweets at the best time.
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    I curate videos by well known people in my niche on my blog. I embed a video, write my own insights around it, then tweet it mentioning the host and guests of the show. It works awesome, a lot of people who know and like them favorite, re-tweet and reply to my tweet. That results in good traffic although I currently have under 100 followers.
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    Use images in your posts. Use to create simple ones. Even just a simple image with a few words on it draws a lot more attention that just the tweet.
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    Engage, engage, engage.
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    Know your audience
    Get the “right” followers
    Build engagement
    Encourage sharing
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      Originally Posted by jessyprem View Post

      Know your audience
      Get the "right" followers
      Build engagement
      Encourage sharing
      How to search for people for your niche on Twitter? example: people who likes bulldog?
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    Twitter is my favorite social media network — not only because it allows you to easily build a following and interact with just about anyone in the blogosphere, but also because it can be so easily utilized to drive traffic to your site
    The blogosphere has become littered with “tweet this” links in the last year or so. And with good reason — they are highly effective. I did some testing and discovered that your post is likely to be tweeted by 25% more if you include a “tweet this” or “click to tweet” link within your post.

    In case you don’t know what I am talking about, the concept is very simple — you include a phrase or sentence in your post that can be tweeted out along with a link back to your blog post:
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