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I have been watching a little explosion of sorts and thought I'd share here. I, like many people, like firearms. Facebook is opening up as a place where firearms enthusiasts can meet and network. Now you can't do too much with firearm sales, because well you aren' selling anything on facebook, and you probably aren't an FFA holder. But the admins of the group aren't selling firearms.

They have no actual website and everything is done through paypal.

Where do they make their money?

They have 3 different stickers (just added 2) and t-shirts that come in 3 colors. Very simple design that they did themselves. The stickers are the standards issue stickers that you see in the back windows of cars/trucks for any one of a million different subjects. The t-shirts are 1 color, simple design as well, but it looks cool. Skull with 2 crossed rifles and the name of the group.

Stickers go for $6
Shirts go for $15
Hats are $8

The hats don't seem to sell too well, but they are constantly adding people and in the last couple months have had to do (2) 200+ unit shirt orders and (2) 200+ sticker orders

They basically have created a boutique brand around a facebook group and my guess is that the prices they get for shirts and stickers are probably atleast 3x the wholesale price

And there is an endless amount of 'niche' groups to build a brand around.

Just food for thought
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