any good 'facebook ads' software?

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I am looking to do some multivariable/split testing of facebook ads. (i.e., paid ads).

specifically, I am looking for something whereby I can:
a) somewhat automated, create 1,000-2,000 ads with variations in each
b) run say a $10 CPM campaign for each ad (split test)
c) run the analytics, figure best performing CPM ads, then say generate another 1,000-2,000 ads for testing.

any suggestions for 'good' tools that can do this?

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    I would like to know too because that would be awesome!
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    Anything public is likely junk.

    Get you a custom cloaker and do manual postings. If you're trying to automate the ad upload process without a proper cloaker/link delivery method you're wasting your time as it will only work for 1-2 accounts if that, depending on your creatives.
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