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Hey Warriors,

I've seen a lot of folks on here not really too fond of Facebook Ads. I tried to run an ad on my new Facebook page and it denied it for MLM schemes and what not (because MLM came up under the list of keywords to target, so I figured it was fine to use).

Well they suggest a keyword and apparently don't run your ad because you chose that keyword (ironic).

Now they won't run any ads for my page, even if I don't put a link in or mention anything about MLM (just tried it as a test).

The annoying part is I constantly see ads on my timeline that even say MLM in the damn ad!

So basically my question is does anybody know of certain keywords to avoid or good keywords that work? Because now I'm walking on eggshells with them, I don't even know if I can target something as simple as Online Marketing or Affiliate Marketing.

I just deleted that page and created a new one, but still, I don't want to ruin this page's chance of not getting out there.

Once again, I understand a lot of folks don't like Facebook Ads, which is fine but I still want to try them regardless of what anybody says.

And I also understand some folks aren't fond of the MLM industry, which is also fine with me, but please keep your opinions to yourself.

Thanks in advance!
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    I do like Facebook Ads! I paid $80 for 4 days and I got sales from my affiliate account over $320 last week.

    Are you using custom audiences? Extracting FB user id's from groups and pages? then upload them using Power Editor? I'm using Social Lead Freak.
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    I actually created a new page and figured it out. Facebook ads aren't too shabby.

    I'll pass on the fitness products. I can't really endorse fitness products when I'm not much of a fitness guru myself. Thanks for the suggestion though!
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    • Had the exact same problem a while back. Even after you create this new page they will continue to shut down your ads because of its nature, mlm

      Here is the solution

      After getting a message from them shutting down your ad, there is a reply back ticket.

      Go ahead and complain and tell them this exactly:

      It is my right to post my ad because I am coaching and teaching people how to create their own lifestyle through financial freedom.

      They might reply back asking more info and just keep tellin them its your right!

      They might just allow your ad after that.

      You might even turn off the ad and start a new one and they shut that one down too.

      The ads on facebook is indeed funny thing.
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        Facebook TOS policy is against direct promotion of MLM and other home based income systems.

        I don't think it is MLM interest/keyword problem.
        They've probably checked your link and that's why ad was denied.

        There are few ways to avoid it:
        1) Create Page post including image and link. Promote that page post (Page Post Engagement Option). Post is actually image with description...
        2) Create custom TAB on your page with image and link to your offer. Promote your page to get more likes (Page Likes option) but use your custom tab as landing page instead of timeline
        3) Create event describing new "launch" of your super product. Include link into description and promote the whole event.

        There are few more methods

        Good luck,

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    How do you know they denied it specifically because of your keyword? I've targeted MLM and the various suggested related keywords with no problem.

    They don't mind you promoting make money online, MLM, etc... As long as you're not claiming outrageous, unrealistic results.

    Don't claim, work from home, MLM, or anything like that. Simply come up with another ANGLE that isn't "hypey". Keep testing different angles because we're getting IM/MMO/BizOpp/MLM ads approved no problem for years now.

    And make sure the landing page you've got has the appropriate privacy policies, legal info, etc. and the landing page also can't be "hypey" and have outrageous claims.
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    I think you have found lots of info here OP, act now.
    Good luck
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      I'm not really sure why they denied it that first time. I actually used the same exact link after creating a new page and they approved of it.

      So that led me to believe that they don't check the link and only check what you target.

      Obviously either case is questionable, who knows. I've been running ads successfully ever since. Very strange.

      I'm taking your advice Phill and JCorp. Joseph I appreciate the help as well. If I have to deal with that again I'll take that into consideration.

      Thanks for the insight guys it was a great first thread experience!
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