Never Underestimate the Social Media Connections

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About a month ago I had started back up working on a site I had given up on late last year. I couldn't nail down anything - the look of the site, who my audience was, or what I wanted to contribute to the niche. So I got to work redesigning my site, searching for new traffic opportunities and reaching out to authority figures in this particular niche on Twitter and Facebook.

Through many tweets, re-tweets and correspondence, I was invited on a radio show by one of those authority figures to discuss my site! As of today, I've actually been on the show twice and have had a good solid ten minutes of air time talking about my site. And although there's been no spike in follows or views, it was just great to make the connection and to get some free publicity.

So why am I posting this? For those of you working the long game and trying to make your sites an authority in a particular niche, do not ignore the social media connections. Sure, a lot of people use Twitter to help promote their sites. But if you can connect with people who are somewhat "famous" in the niche, even if they aren't going to promote you directly, you end up vaulting your own status within the niche.

I just wanted to share that because I've mostly been a lurker around here and you all who have posted or messaged me have given me so much confidence to continue on and not give up! So thank you and keep working hard!
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    Thanks for sharing your story. The social media connections, because of the reach of social media, can be worldwide, and because of the speed of social media, sometimes instantaneous. But you're right, keep plugging away at it, while targeting some of those "famous" people - comment on their facebook posts and blogs, retweet their tweets, contact them directly, etc.

    And don't forget offline connections, too. Business groups are often looking for people to speak or be on a panel about a certain topic, and if your site is an authority in a particular niche, you're a valuable speaker or participant in a discussion - and that can lead to unknown opportunities.

    A story of mine: in a networking group I was part of, I became known for having a certain contrarian opinion about Facebook. When the group organized a panel discussion about Facebook, I was invited to be one of the panelists. A reporter for the city newspaper was there, and quoted me in an article that ran the next day. Shortly after that, I received a call from a producer at CNBC, who flew a crew down to interview me for a documentary they were doing about Facebook! Appearing in the documentary led to even more, as well as friends I hadn't heard from since high school contacting me LOL!

    "If you want to be in the right place at the right time, be in a lot of place a lot of the time." - IForgetWhoOriginallySaidThat
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    This is the forum for social media conversations
    Social Media Marketing Forum
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    yeah true that social media traffic can be very viral but it still depends if ur contents are capable to gone viral
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  • Posting great content and interacting with fan and followers. It never fails to bring results =)
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    yeah social media is powerful. Thanks for the informative story
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    Social media marketing is not as attracted to sales pitches, but to people that are more down to earth and personal to their clients.
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