I Ask Every Business Owner Who Is On Facebook the same question.

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One of the biggest pet peeves I have about Facebook business pages is the vultures who are out there claiming to be a Social Media Manager (SMM). They convince naive local business owners that everyone is doing Facebook so they need to jump in and keep up with the trend.

The local business man does not know how to market on Facebook so they are open to believe whatever this SMM is going to say. They are finally convinced (when the price fits their mental budget) that they should give it a try without ever checking the performance record of the SMM with other clients.

When I ask them what their SMM is doing for them, I get the usual .. "I'm getting more like on my page every week, they are posting to my page regularly."

Most local businesses do not know if their Facebook page is successful or not because they're not looking where they should and have been hood winked by marketing amateurs.

Who cares how many people are coming to your Facebook page?

My question is not who is coming to your Facebook page but rather....

How many more people has your Facebook brought into your business ...?

Time to wake up...When you ask that question, and they don't have an answer, this is you opportunity to tell the the truth about Facebook marketing.

We're not about Social Media Networking, We're about Social Media Marketing. You pay me to bring customers to your business not to your Facebook page. Facebook is a tool...Period.
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