Are you using Facebook Advertising for your Business?

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Hey what's up Warriors!!

I wanted to start a discussion about the changes that are currently and will continue to take place with Facebook Advertising. It seems Facebook is slowly going towards the route of being more like Adwords...

I wanted to start this threat to share a few ideas on how some of us marketers were able to surpass the changes and, still profit with the powerful advertising platform Facebook has to offer. I guess the first question I should as is, are you using Facebook ads platform? Is it currently working for you?
As for myself I love using Facebook ads, with over 1 billion active monthly users, and the ability to narrow down your target audience to the T, I find Facebook to be one of the most lucrative platforms for my business.

So I wanted to share a little on what types of ads I run so I don't get the hammer from Facebook, hope it helps some of you.

First off I still run promotions on the side as well as news feed, but I don't run typical product promotions, I prefer to use these for my webinars, and other free training courses. That is pretty much the extent of my promotional ads.
When it comes to my everyday ads, I prefer to take the Native Ads strategy but writing some valuable content as a blog post with my product offers embedded in them, then run an ad for my post to a highly targeted group (ones that will most likely find my content most valuable) This helps because it increases the likes and shares of my post, because they think just another great blog post but in all reality it's a well in-depth long form sales letter.
Not only has this strategy kept my business in Facebook's good graces but it has also increased my opt-in rate by 21% and my sales by 7%.

What are some ways you guys are running ads with Facebook? Share some tips to help out some that may have been getting the ban hammer from Facebook, or are just not seeing the results they are looking for.

Happy Marketing Warriors

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      Facebook adverts are extremely good, if you really know how to use them.

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      Very true Kingstaa,

      Facebook has one of the most powerful systems available, but that is the key we need to know how to use it properly.

      The best part about being a marketer, is we have the ability to adapt and overcome these road bumps that tend to take place 24/7. the key is to never give up.
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    I'm currently promoting my website through "viral marketing." I use curated content on my site and utilize FB's "post engagement" advertising option almost everyday.

    The post engagement option seems to always have the lowest CPC for me with the highest CTR. Using extremely weird images for my creatives' seems to work best at increasing my CTR.

    I realize that CTR isn't always important for converting customers, but in my case it really is (marketing viral content on the web).

    Ultimately, I'm trying to get my stuff to go viral. It's tough because my market is super saturated and Facebook is beginning to attempt forcing us (advertisers) to pay to reach our customers.
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    Yes I agree about this "Facebook adverts are extremely good, if you really know how to use them.""

    There is lot of option for advertisement.
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    I personally like the changes. When adwords banned a ton of accounts, mine included back in '09, got upset, but it made me a better marketer. A real and true marketer that isn't focused on tactics but actual real strategies that works within an ad platforms TOS.

    With that said, we also use right hand side ads with great success lately as everyone and their mother is fighting for newsfeed ads. But newsfeed ads have their place for different strategies.

    Everything on Facebook works; the bidding strategies, the objectives, etc.

    And really, the best advice anyone can give is to test.
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    Facebook Ad is very effective for business.If you use it properly you will get benefit from this .
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      Yes. I am using FB Ads in my business. It going well but you must testing and tweaking your ads more and more to get cheap traffic.
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  • its a very wonderful information for me to how i increase my traffic on face book nice work keep it up
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