What Next After Facebook?

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What will be the next best social media now that Facebook is going to lock things down for marketing?
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    Facebook is still a tremendous traffic source and regardless of what they change, you will still be able to generate quality targeted leads from there.

    It's all about balance between working around what they put in place and working within what the restrictions.

    People like Don Wilson and Chris Blair and Matt Stefanik don't seem to be having trouble continuing to kill it marketing over Facebook.

    However, adding places like Stumbleupon and Pinterest to your social media arsenal can't hurt
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      Hey guys what Facebook is doing is sheer genius. It is an OPPORTUNITY for marketers and NOT an Obstacle. Trust me. I just started a new thread on this topic. Take a look. (Ok... Lets Crack the Facebook Code). Its just the beginning of a discussion that will be ongoing. (Nothing for sale...ever).
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    Hey, I came across this article the other day about Facebook pages and the changes coming. It is written by Psychology and Marketing Insider, Derek Halpern, he addresses some of these issues. Here is the article link... Warning: If You Have A Facebook Fan Page, Read This…
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    Google+ may be.
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    Facebook will remain #1 no matter what,
    Google + might take 2nd place after some time
    Right now it is twitter
    But for marketing purposes pinterest and linkedin have more opportunities
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      Originally Posted by xpesos View Post

      Facebook will remain #1 no matter what,
      Google + might take 2nd place after some time
      Right now it is twitter
      But for marketing purposes pinterest and linkedin have more opportunities
      I beg to differ.
      This is the kind of thinking that gets companies in trouble.

      Facebook will lose ground eventually.
      The "teens" and upcoming youth will find something new and start moving away. As soon as that happens, the rest of us will likely follow suit as affect moves through the age ranges.

      This is what happened to geocities, yahoo chat, myspace, bebo, facebook.

      It will happen again. No doubt 100%

      This is just what happens. "Social" environments are fickle at the best of times.
      It only takes one new site to appear and facebook to cock something up.
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    Sorry, I'm really out of the loop on this one. What happened?
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    I want to go with Pinterest.
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    Facebook is one of the best social media site forever, No one can take place on Facebook but I have seen that Simplythescoop site may give fight to facebook in the near future.
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    I’ve been using Facebook since early 2008. It’s been one of my most important channels to keep up with both old and new friends. In the last five years I’ve come to appreciate the constant buzz of images, videos stories and links.

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    You guys do not see Facebook declining?
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    Facebook is the quickest way to connect with your audience and if your content is good enough they will engage and reward you.

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    Facebook has "Jumped The Shark" !!! But they are lucky....they own Instagram and that is hands down the hottest Social Platform right now. We have become a #hashtag word my friends. Hashtags work on all top Social Networks.

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    Facebook has etched itself out as the premiere social network on the planet. People have found it the prime place to connect with family and friends, share photos, message and brag about life accomplishments to former schoolmates.
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    Yes, Facebook is like a giant playground to express all of your accomplishments, beliefs, political causes-I agree with Salinaakter-marketing kind of works as an accidental activity, due to the sheer volume of traffic. G+ is the next business focus-LinkedIn is too crowded with consultants all scrambling over tit-bits, vague leads and discussion carrots on sticks.
    Google+ is the one to watch, wide open at the moment, not for long...

    Journalism, the profession is undergoing a massive change since the WWW has arrived. I help people to build their personal profile and create a multi-media platform with WordPress, Podcasting, Writing and Video.
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    Facebook isn't going anywhere

    Once you master their paid per clicks and the perfect time to use the sponsored post facebook is an awesome way to advertise any product or business.
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    I think facebook still a great source of getting traffic.
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    After Facebook what will be it can not be said.
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    I think there will be nothing or something more effective after Facebook. Future will show us what will be after facebook.
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    I just started using Google plus and I am starting to like it better than facebook. I have also noticed many other folks recently taking notice to Google Plus and posting about their experiences with it.

    I lost interest in facebook, when they began to punish me with the amount of friend requests I was initiating. Also you can only have 5000 FB friends MAX. With Google Plus, you can have millions. Facebook fan pages bore me and I have not seen positive results in my marketing efforts, unless I PAY FB $$$. Some say that Google Plus is a ghost town, but I beg to differ. It aint. Only a Facebook or Twiiter lover would say something that (which is my opinion). Google Plus has a HUGE user volume that cannot be ignored. The only problem I see with G plus is there is a bit of a learning curve to utilize their services in order to gain the best possible results. However there are tons of videos on youtube that explain how to use Google plus and within 1 or 2 hours of viewing and studying, you are good to go!

    Once you discover how Powerful Google circles are, as well as all of the SEO benefits of your posts, you'll be a user forever. I don't see these particular benefits available in FB or twitter, based on my experience. However leveraging those 3 major social networks can surely result in growing your business and website traffic.
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    Facebook has many supporters and has worked hard to establish its place on the web, and a marketing gimmick every promoter dreams of. But that does not mean Facebook does not have its weaknesses. Currently many people have mixed feelings about Facebook, but the pros seem to out weigh the cons. SO the next big thing will be probably Google+.
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    I think Facebook is Facebook , nothing will beat Facebook.
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    Facebook is far from dead Make friends, help others and you can still prosper on the network.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      Originally Posted by ryanbiddulph View Post

      Facebook is far from dead Make friends, help others and you can still prosper on the network.
      I agree with Ryanbiddulph as Facebook is one of my favorite ways to market. I spend a lot of time and effort in my Facebook strategy. I love it. It works better actually now then it did a year ago. I think Facebook will simply get better and better as the years go and never be something that is passed by.

      I will also agree Linkedin and Google + work very well too depending on what you market and how you use them.
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    I think FB won't be so popular as it was before, it is loosing its positions now. Of course there are a lot of users on FBand despire the fact that there exists some other social media sites, people will use one they are accustomed to. But in my opinion more amd more people will prefer other social media sites such as Twitter, google+ etc.
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    Tango should be next , Tango team improving day by day .
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    Google+ and Then Twitter.
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    Oh I see, I have learned over the last few years Facebook will try to lock down every last drop of free traffic you can get from their site, until the site makes absolutely no sense and it is responsible for it's own demise.

    Twitter is probably the best in my opinion, but they like to ban accounts for those that aren't super careful. I hear Tumblr can work very well as well for those that know how to use it, and can even get your YouTube channel to take off. Which is cool cause I was always wondering how people do that without SEO or paying for traffic. Anyways I will post a link to a video I saw on getting free traffic with Tumblr...
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    G+ and twitter
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      After Facebook you have any option to do online promotion. Google +, YouTube, Pintrest, LinkedIn. This all are best option for Social Media. Google + through u can increase your authorship, Iconographic. You can share your videos on YouTube .
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  • I think Facebook is here to stay for a long time but I am seeing good things happening with G+, which leads me to believe that G+ might be the next big thing. Great content and interaction is rewarded in G+ and the results are reflected in Google results. Twitter is good too but it doesn't make as big an impact as G+.
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