Stop spamming you jack*** !

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So what do you do when you advertise in FaceBook news and get a bunch of smart alec, crass, or down right rude comments?

I saw this comment on an ad today:

get a real job u ********* u are the money grubbing ********* that ruined this country. u turned this country into a .....

I saw a bunch of rude comments on Frank Kerns ads in the past.

How do you handle it yourself?
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    if they bother you or they bother how you're perceived, delete them... Facebook allows you to do so on any post.

    Frank Kern don't give a f&%$ because everyone that's actually in this business knows he delivers amazing content. Build a name and reputation like that so comments like that don't matter... or even better, your army of minions backs you up while you're gone.

    Go talk crap about Justin Beiber on twitter... you'll see an onslaught of pre-pubescent chicks ready to kick your ass.

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      You could delete them.

      But you could also respond with a human touch. In the history of business, many a complainer has been turned into a buyer by a company actually taking the time to listen and respond.

      Something like, "We asked facebook to show this ad to to people who like renaissance festivals, because we really think if you like renaissance festivals you'll like our huge turkey leg lamps. You do like renaissance festivals, don't you?" and see if they reply. Might get a conversation going, in which you'll woo them over with your charm, and pretty soon you'll have a new advocate singing the praises of your lamps all over facebook! : )

      ...and if not that person, maybe some other person who sees you treating their friend with dignity and not scorn.

      OR look at maybe changing your ad targeting. If your target audience is not inclined to want ads in their newsfeed, maybe you don't want to piss them off and have your brand associated with interrupting their facebook fun.

      Great thing about ad comments, though, is that they're not readily visible, right? : ) Someone seeing the ad in their newsfeed would have to click on the little comments icon to open them up, and even then only a few "Top Comments" show at first.

      Usability studies show that most people do not click on ad comments unless they're about to leave a comment - and don't realize they can select "Recent Activity" to see all the other comments.

      So you're probably safe ignoring them or deleting them. But responding may actually get you a better return.
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    Delete them or ignore them. Dont give them any creditability and what ever you do DO NOT respond to them. Responding (regardless of what you say) will only give the troll more reason to post this kind of nonsense.
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    Why bother about such a guys? If you give a shit about all the negativity people try to sent you than you'll go this path as well. Just ignore or delete them because those people won't become customers of you. Those guys show that they have nothing better to do than beating on people and being negative. Trust those guys won't be the winners in life. Everybody of us gets comments like this but we just keep going.
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    Blow it off. No need to get into a pissing contest... delete it and focus on who does want what you're offering
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    Write a letter to the Internet, that seems to be working well.
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      Originally Posted by bitproxies View Post

      Write a letter to the Internet, that seems to be working well.
      This is kick off answer. Just ignore it don't react on this...
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    I would not let it get to you. You have the option to delete the comment and block the user.
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    Obviously they are just little children who have no real grasp on the reality they are facing or history of this country.

    Probably aged 25 and under and have bought into some sort of socialist/communist ideology that people who work and run businesses have ruined the country when in fact it's those who control the actual value and flow of money that leave countries in ruin.
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    Who cares, there are always going to be haters, just move on.
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    reply and response to them and tell them if again will inform FB about it. Do not reply and response is a very bad advice given by some ppl above.
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    Ignore, block, delete :-)

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    Don't react. Haters gonna hate. There was a case recently in India, where a social media manager reacted to some criticism, and got rude with the critic, and was fired the next day. And of course, the US Airways debacle. You don't wanna be that guy eh?
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    There are lots people out there who dont think before they click (If you know what I mean) you can report them on facebook or delete them. Just dont fight back by posting your comments youre better than them..
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  • At the risk of sounding like a Disney princess...

    "Let It Go!!!"
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  • Occupational hazard with any form of marketing probably throughout history. The only difference now is that heckling is just done through a keyboard.
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