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Guys any of you knows this website, they are still in BETA and are offering a 12 bucks monthly to promote your video organically, with an average of 30-40 daily views. It will laso help to increase yt rankings.

Did anyone tested it already?

I am quite curious.
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    I believe paying for views is against youtube terms of service and they will delete your account or views if they determine them to not be legit. Are you willing to risk your youtube account?

    30-40 views per day isn't that many anyway.
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    Well they are not selling views, they are promoting your video, so they just give you an average metrics based on thir clients.
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    That's what they say, but they could be just having click farms do it.

    Also, 30-40 views a day isn't that much. You could easily do that yourself through promotion.

    Also, if your video isn't getting 30-40 views per day through organic youtube, you need to re-title your video or make more interesting videos.
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    30 or 40 views ? lets count it :
    40 Views per day X 30 Days =1200 views X 12 Months = 14,400 views per year
    i dont think that would be useful
    try to get some organic youtube views you can get 14,400 views in 1 week .
    Business has only two functions - marketing and innovation.
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    How is youtube going to know if you are paying for views?
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