Where to Start With Facebook Marketing?

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I have a blog and I want to do Facebook marketing to drive traffic and engagement. Where do I start? Do I create a Facebook page and use paid advertising and create a Facebook group as well? What else should I do?
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    Originally Posted by jerytohn View Post

    Where do I start? Do I create a Facebook page and use paid advertising and create a Facebook group as well?
    Yup yup, start with creating a fan page.

    From there you can use Facebook ads to get pretty-cheap likes (depending on your niche and targeting).

    Originally Posted by jerytohn View Post

    What else should I do?
    What else are you looking to accomplish?
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    • You can create a fan page, it is not totally necessary you can drive traffic to your blog from your personal page just the same. It can be a little difficult to try and maintain quality on both your personal page and your fan page. Depends on time and effort. Once you hit your limit of 5000 friends you can then create a fan page.

      Since you already have a blog to drive traffic to, come up with some creative thought provoking engaging post. Don't just blast you link to your blog post on your FB page (FB is that Excited About Links). Ask your audience (not sure your market) something like, here are two ways to travel for less money, if you would like 3 additional ways to get a hotel for less leave a comment. Once they comment send the link over to them in a PM. If you get quality engagement, likes, comments shares you will get a great deal of traffic to your site.

      I learned these things the hard Way Trial and Error!

      Hope this helps, I actually did a specific bog video on this topic if you are interested. You Can Check It Out HERE

      Good Luck, Remember it is all about Consistency and Value

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    Yes, start a fanpage (it's free) and you can start building that fan page with the intent to funnel those fans onto an email list.

    You can also drive traffic direct to your blog, but I'd rather direct them to a landing page where I can collect emails.

    So you've got some options here.
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    There a many ways to use facebook to get more traffic. Like most people already said you can build a fanpage to share free tips and tricks and you could also create a closed group after that where you share even more in depth tricks (like a mastermind group). I point people also to my personal facebook account where I can have more 1 to 1 conversations with my friends/customers.
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    the best place to start your Facebook marketing is from the various groups which has more members (in several thousands or million). this help you get the traffic. then start with local area and nationwide groups. lastly go for Facebook PPC if the above doesn't work.
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    Create a facebook page.
    Promote it via face book ads to get instant fans.
    Engage your fans with quality posts and images.
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    You can also create a group focused on relevant topics, but having a page is more efficient if you want to drive more traffic.
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    Run Facebook searches to meet people from your niche. Promote them. Comment on their updates. Become friends. Build your network. Prosper
    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad
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    You can create your Facebook page and boost it on Fiverr by hiring a Facebook booster freelancer.
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    I feel like I'm posting my facebook marketing article a lot, but I just want to warn everybody before he gets into fb ads, esp. when promoting a fb page and not a website or product/landing page (that works). But getting active fb users to pages, via ads is next to impossible. You'll end up having "fake" likes, even tho you use the regular fb ads, because you end up attracting a lot of "spammers" who just like everything to hide from the fb bot detection. They like Pepsi and Cola, Democrats and Republicans. Most of the "fans" I've accumulated liked between 100.000 and 200.000 different pages - those people are not worth one cent - plus they're going to kill the activity of your fb page, as they will never share a single post you're going to release, even tho I've acquired them through "expensive" fb ads.

    For more details about this "phenomenon" read my article: Facebook Marketing 1 on 1 - 1kSociety

    I forgot to mention that getting "active" users probably CAN WORK if you're using custom audience, from your own list, or using a scraper. BUT using a scraper is against the fb TOS and MIGHT end up getting your account banned, but it's a thin line and might be worth the risk actually. BUT you've been warned - there are two scrapers available on warrior forum as well I think.
    1kSociety - Your friendly Internet Marketing community and blog!
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    I use my personal profile and build my friends up through reaching out in groups...

    Get into at minimum 20 marketing groups.... message people in programs that just don't change lives or can be better with whatever you are promoting... Help those people with their problems, get them on your friends list, get them on your email list, repeat the process...

    5 - 8 messages three times a day and in a month you'll be fielding questions and building your list/readers daily

    Takes a little time to build up steam but it's cost effective and there's no worry about how much Fan Page reach is decreasing

    Hope that helps

    Let's Network!!
    Shoot Me A Message
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    I think it all depends on budget. If you have $100 or so to pump into targetting relevant likes than you will have quite a nice cost per like. If however you have no budget, getting followers can be a lot more difficult. Remember that if you post a lot and your posts don't get engagement, Facebook will deem your page as lower quality and you will be even less visible to people's news feeds than usual.
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    Have you tried some of these methods? Top Tips To Attracting Facebook Likes - Chrisvellabone.com

    Just make sure that you develop a clear strategy and are posting content that people will find of use. Content for me is the most important thing, people will unlike your page as quickly as they liked if your content isnt up to scratch
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    Yes you should definitely create a facebook page and form facebook groups to drive traffic towards your blog. This will seriously help you to get as many as visitors to your blog.
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    I prefer focusing on FB ads for sending traffic directly to my site. You still need an FB page for this though. A collateral result is many new fans per day, yet profiting off the traffic immediately.

    In other words set up a landing page or some page that is profitable with FB ads so you can send loads of traffic to it and attract fans at the same time. Building up fans for me is a secondary objective... profiting directly from facebook traffic is primary.

    Here's what I do:

    Set up a web page that is profitable with fb ads. To monetize, I use display ads, affiliate offers and email newsletters. You'll need to test a few things, but once you have a winner, you can start sending loads of traffic to your site.

    Once you find a winning concept, you can stick with that one page or create more. I've created dozens... some are winners and some are losers.

    After doing this for a few weeks, I discovered I was also getting quite a few fans for my page at the same time from people liking the newsfeed ad. Go figure. As my ad budget increased, so did fan acquisition. I still don't rely on organic reach traffic, but it's additional traffic. Now I post ten times per day to the FB page for organic traffic while attracting fans from my ads.

    The key is setting up a profitable landing page... Once you do that, you can build up a high traffic website and/or build up a successful email newsletter very fast.

    Also, an unexpected benefit is organic search traffic. Some of my posts are long and with a huge amount of shares, tweets, pins etc. it didn't take long for organic search traffic (mostly from long tail).
    How I hit $10,000+ per month very fast w/ 1 niche blog - Click Here to learn more (no opt-in).
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    If you want to get started with Facebook marketing, you should always know that value comes first. Your goal in the first place is to help your customers in your industry with some valuable content rather than just telling them straight to buy your product or service. Fan pages (with FB ads) and groups are a good start for you (even with just your Facebook profile, but make sure you look professional) to do some FB marketing.

    If you're going to create a Facebook fan page, one legitimate way to get targeted fans is through Facebook ads. You must analyze the demographics of your market (gender, age, interests, country and so on).

    But before you do that (this is only an option), you should generate fans for free first by simply requesting your friends to like your page, and so some social exchanges. When posting content, don't act like an advertiser or a salesman doing some direct pitch to them. Instead, try giving your fans some value first by sharing some related news, tips, tricks, or some articles that might really help them. You can start your own blog and may write something about that, and at the end of the article, you can create some catchy sales pitch to check out your offer. When you give important stuff to them, for sure they won't hesitate to check out your offer.

    When you do this, they might start engage with your posts because you are giving enough value to them, and you already build their trust. Once you have enough likes of 100 and above, you can promote your page through Facebook ads. In this way, before your targeted audience like your page, they already know that there are some fans already in your page. Just keep giving them value, and you will be rewarded one day.

    The same thing goes to Facebook groups. If you want more members in your niche's group, you should build relationship to them first. But how? Look for some related groups in your niche and send a join request. After that, make friends and engage with your fellow group members by commenting on their posts, and also participate by sharing your own valuable post to the group.

    But try to take your time also to see what are they mostly talking about in that group everyday, at least you have an idea on what to share to them. Once they are going to trust you, send an invitation to them via PM to your group. As long you are giving value by providing the content they are talking about, for sure they are going to like and trust you, and they will not hesitate to join your group and check out what you have in store for them.

    This is not rocket science. This is totally built for long term results, as long you have a positive mindset. I hope this is going to help you a bit to get started with Facebook marketing, and I wish you luck. Cheers!

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