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Hi guys I am just looking for a way of making money out of my fan page. I have 30,000 fans and growing every day but it isnt making me any money. My page is a page where people vote on funny pics. Any way of monetizing such a page?

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      Originally Posted by hpgoodboy View Post

      Probably not directly (aside from placing ads to general audience CPA offers on there).

      I would use the fan page to build a mailing list and then promote offers
      through the mailing list.
      Thanks for the reply.

      What niche? As they won't really respond to IM ads and I can't assume that they are all fat for wight loss etc?

      Any ideas?
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    It is one of those 'niches' that are hard to monetize... The audience is simply too broad and these people aren't really looking for anything to buy online. I'd try different general interest CPA offers.
    Good luck
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      You have to give us more information if you want some GOOD advice. "Page where people vote on funny pics" means nothing unless we know demographic. So go to your admin panel and check that first, and maybe we'll have some ideas
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        Yes it would good to have some more information about your page ... but like others have already said monetizing this could be difficult so again CPA maybe the way to go ... but that's only going to work if your page is responsive with loads of people liking and sharing your posts.

        Building a list is a great idea too but need to think outside the box to know why someone would sign up in the first place.

        Hope this helps

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