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Twitter is becoming a fond interest of mine. Only recently have I began to focus more on retweets and socializing.

I was missing out BIG for not being "Social" on Twitter. Now with more engagement I have noticed retweets and RT's.

Just ReTweet and Triberr - Have anybody used them? Should I use them?

Personally I feel like minded people here would serve well for retweeting each others important tweets.

Those interested in exchanging retweets can post there category.
Examples: Self Help - SEO - SMO - Web Design - Technology - Religion - Politics

Everyone interested in that topic can "quote" that user saying your interested in retweeting this topic. As well, list the topics you would like retweeted "If different" in that same post.

If your twitter account is connected with your profile here, users can easily view your profile, and go to your twitter account and discover your favorite to retweet.

Is this better in my head then it really is?
Brings active like minded tweeters together!

I would be Very open to retweeting the topics of "Self Help" and "SMO"
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