Most Effective Social Media Marketing Techniques?

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I am now running social media campaign for one of my client's marijuana investing news website. I am now updating his social media profiles with his own blog posts only. Am I doing right? Or Do I need to share content relevant to marijuana investing in his company social media accounts besides posting his own?

Please share your suggestions and ideas guys. Thanks in advance.
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    You want to have a balance of both. Obviously post and promote content from his blog posts but you need to keep readers/followers engaged in between those posts. Twitter especially is a great place since you can easily retweet anything your followers might find relevant, make sure your following sources that will provide you with that content though.
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    Nothing wrong with doing it how you are doing it, as long as content is good.
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    What you are doing is good. All I'd suggest is mixing up the content a bit. You don't want to just be posting his blog posts, vary it up a bit and think if there is any other content you post that people will want to engage with (like, comment, share or click a link)
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    Social Media Marketing techniques are very effective to get number of visitors. By Social Media Marketing techniques you can know number of followers, number of fans and number of comments and tweets .This is a great strategy to analyze the traffics.
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    Keep posting the blogs on social media site sand also keep following people and business and also liking and sharing top others post. This will help you in gaining attention of other people and it may be possible that people start visiting your page more.
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    social media strategy is the best way by having lots of business related following or likes.
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    Social media marketing is a good way used to drive up your website traffic, social media include various social networks and in social networks you can share your feelings, post images videos etc... Try to make regular presence and post at least 2 to 3 posts daily.
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    Now a day’s social media is a very supportive and essential method to promote your websites link. It is so useful to raise your website traffic. There are many social media sites like Twitter, g+, face book, pinterest, linkedin etc.
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    There are million of ways to bring traffic. Try one method or all of them, you are good as long as you are delivering quality.
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    Create Youtube videos and share them to your social platforms.

    Life is for living

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    This is a quick tip for you -

    Use the following in this process -

    1. Facebook marketing - keep the posts on alternate days,
    2. Use FB groups to the best - watch the tutorial here - Vick Carty's .. - Step by Step Kick Ass Internet Marketing Blog.....
    3. Use Twitter for your niche as it is best I. Getting message to the followers,
    3. Make qualitative videos and upload it in the personal as well as official channels!

    You are done!
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    FaceBook Ads Is What You Need Specially Dark Posts
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    Emphasize your own original content with multiple tweets. Sprinkle in some relevant content with your own twist on it.
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