Making money with Facebook?

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I am looking for a training course on facebook marketing. any recommendations?

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    iam also interested in a course. i would pay for it if i/we get a good offer.
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    I am yet to find a good course on facebook marketing!
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    If you want to make money with FaceBook, affiliate programs are highly recommended. Make sure to use FB page, instead of FB profile.
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    One can make money on FB by linking pages ... PM me if anybody want method

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    First, you'd have to create a FB business page and then add and follow those who are on the same niche as you. You should search for those people who are going to be interested on whatever product you are trying to sell. Then make sure to keep them interested by posting and sharing informative posts not just from your website but also from others as well.
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    to make money with Facebook, you must know that the social media experts discovered that the average value of each 1 facebook fan like on your facebook page is 174.17 $ :

    How Much Is a Facebook Friend Worth? $174.17
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    Facebook also offer tutorials for how to marketing on facebook. Check facebook for business.
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