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This is really interesting and helpful to everybody who's active on Twitter and esp. if you're having a huge number of people who you follow. Usually there are quite a few annoying and/or spammy people who you follow, but you don't want to unfollow them, because a) you don't want to step on their toes (that annoying cousin) or they might be somewhat influential (retweeting a lot of your tweets) and you are afraid they might unfollow you, if you unfollow them.

The solution: The twitter mute button. You don't see their tweets and native retweets, but you're still following them and you can disable the mute option at any time to bring them back into your feed.

Official post from twitter:

Today we're beginning to introduce a new account feature called mute to people who use our iPhone and Android apps and Mute gives you even more control over the content you see on Twitter by letting you remove a user's content from key parts of your Twitter experience.

In the same way you can turn on device notifications so you never miss a Tweet from your favorite users, you can now mute users you'd like to hear from less. Muting a user on Twitter means their Tweets and Retweets will no longer be visible in your home timeline, and you will no longer receive push or SMS notifications from that user. The muted user will still be able to fave, reply to, and retweet your Tweets; you just won't see any of that activity in your timeline. The muted user will not know that you've muted them, and of course you can unmute at any time.

To mute a user from a Tweet on your iOS or Android device or on Twitter for web tap more and then mute @username. To mute someone from their profile page, tap the gear icon on the page and choose mute @username.

In the coming weeks, we will roll out the mute feature to everyone. In the meantime, for more details, visit our help center page.
I'm def. going to make use of this new feature. Btw. facebook offers a similar option called unfollow. But with facebook it's usually not as bad as with twitter, as you're usually just following your friends and not 20.000 people like on twitter. I can wait to use the new twitter mute button. How about you?
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    I find it a good move for Twitter to create the added feature because there some people that's annoying that you want to unfollow them but can't do it because they're belong to your friends or target audience.
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