Facebook closing marketers accounts. Is this true?

by Ves
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I just received this email from software provider that I think is a reliable guy. I have tried to check out any news on the net - but can't find anything. Anyone know of this?
Facebook have culled a lot of accounts the past 24 hours
and a lot of those have been marketers who have been
using scraping software for promoting or ads.

This also includes if you have used id's in the past and
I've seen others business and personal accounts closed.

The removed accounts are also going to be sued.

If your account is removed you lose all photo's and any
posts, friends and contacts.

But there is a way you can backup and download this

- https://www.facebook.com/settings
- click on 'download a copy of your FB data'
this includes Posts, photos and videos you've shared, but also
messages and chat conversations
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    No wonder if this is true. FB is pretty tolerant. You have to try hard to get "account sued". I can only imagine how those marketers mocked Zukerbergs terms and conditions
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    Does this mean we can no longer use software that scrapes account ID's ? Was about to purchase something to do this task - but will hold back until I know more about was is / or is not going on with Facebook.
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