How can I get more traffic from Reddit?

by yairebay93 Banned
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I posted 2 articles on Reddit and got 6 views from there
but it was a few days ago and now I don't get visitors anymore
the traffic from Reddit is only 6 visitors from 2 articles?
too little?
#reddit #traffic
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    Redditors are hard to fool. To get a lot of traffic, you have to do something challenging: Post genuinely compelling content that they'll like so much it will be upvoted.
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    Redditors want to read something valuable. And, just posting links on Reddit as you would with any other social bookmarking site is not going to work to get click throughs. You will need to take time to become involved in the Reddit community by answering questions others have in your niche. Visit subReddits to see what other Redditors are buzzing about and comment on their offerings.

    In this way, you will gain Karma (assuming what you have to say is helpful) and increase your reputation and credibility within the Reddit community. Over time, you will gain many fans who want to check out your links and content. And, if what you are publishing on your own site is very valuable, you might get others who will want to share it on Facebook too.
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      That's strange. Usually Reddit is one of the best when it comes to generating traffic to a site/blog. Maybe the subreddits are not active...
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        Ever stopped to think it just might be the quality and/or content of your articles. I typically get tens of thousands in traffic, per article, from almost all my blog submissions - but then again my content is unusual and totally exclusive.
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    First you need gain some Link Karma. here are few tips on link karma : 8 ways to get Karma on Reddit | GeekFed

    with improved Karma you'll get more exposure of you submitted content
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    The secret is the sub-reddit, you need to choose the one with a large amount of audience
    and activity. Before i select the sub-reddit, i do a redit search for the category i am posting in and i select the one with the most persons and activity. Some of the sub -reddits may have a good amount of person but they do not sign in regularly on reddit.
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    I'm posting my blog at the end of the article,
    it's ok?
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    sorry, double post.
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    Reddit seems to give warnings any way to not get warnings?
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      Originally Posted by DURABLEOILCOM View Post

      Reddit seems to give warnings any way to not get warnings?
      One of the big things you will want to avoid with Reddit, is posting too many links to your own content. To avoid a warning for this, only post one or two of your own links (such as links to your pages) for every eight or nine links to other people's pages.

      Don't just link to pages in your own niche. If you find a link to a really good CNN news article on the dangers of pesticide in foods, then link to it as it would be a good thing to share with the Reddit community.

      And, though it doesn't fit in your niche, it will be good for the Reddit community and ultimately that's how you gain favor with the community by sharing things that help them rather than just serve your own purposes. Once you have gained the favor and attention of the Reddit community for being helpful, the traffic will follow.
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        Up-votes help to contribute to getting your link on the front page and finding interesting content and submitting it.
        Giving your links interesting titles will help immensely as well due to first impressions.
        Also consider leaving valuable and attractive comments on posts with high up-votes to get attention and draw peoples curiosity to your page.

        Good luck with everything

        An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

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    Are there any guides for how to harness the power of Reddit?
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    I find it difficult to receive traffic from reddit.
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    It is HARD to get traffic from Reddit. Your content has to be on point!
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    First of all you should make sure that your things to Reddit are helpful and add value. You should find the people you would love to read your content or buy your product. After that you may talk to them. Be active. Comment on submissions and give helpful advice to people.
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