The only social media management tools and strategy needed to dominate social media

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Learn from someone who has hundreds of followers and fans coming to my site from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ daily. On average 13.5% from facebook, 11% Twitter and 5% average for Pinterest, Google+ and Reddit.

I created this list to guide fellow marketers and help them automate their social profiles, manage them and gain legit followers. This will help startups, entrepreneurs and internet marketers with branding and establishing their social media presence and can then save time to focus on building the business. For now forget every tool you know of. This can all be done for free or less than $15 per month and it works.

STEP 1: Creating profiles on the important networks- It will be hard to sell if you cannot provide a good presentation, so build them Completely before any attempts to post or gain followers.

Facebook - using correctly can drive on average 15% traffic back to your site daily.
Twitter - using advanced Twitter marketing can expect 10% of daily traffic to site.
Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit - These can gain more than 5% average but not priority. Although Pinterest could probably do around 9% with many followers.
Google+ - This one is very very important, I am just starting to use it more since it will ultimately drive more traffic then all others. Right now only around 3%. Why is it most important? Because whenever someone follows your Google+ Page, they will see your results come up on first page of Google search when searching for related things.

STEP 2: These can automate basic posts for FREE using RSS Feeds - if you use them all you can spend money on more advanced automation. Any startup should FIRST establish a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ (make sure you don't have more than 1 auto-posting to 1 account)

Hootsuite - Autopost to Facebook Pages and Google+ Group, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn
- Autopost new Wordpress post to Diigo, Storify, Tumblr, Blogger, Facebook Groups, Reddit and more.
RSS Graffiti - Facebook App used to autopost to facebook pages and groups you admin.

After setting this up properly, every time you create new content on your site it will post to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ Page.

Advanced Automation - This is advanced social media marketing. Use to target actions in social networks. This can be used to drive traffic from social media and gain followers.

Sendible - Facebook and Linked In auto responder. Twitter "targeted" auto follow and auto unfollow competitors followers or random or based on keywords in their Tweets. Also auto reply to users who mention certain keywords when they tweet. Auto Twitter welcome message. LinkedIn Group and page posting. LinkedIn status posting.

iMacros - Find a developer to auto follow people on networking sites and social networks and forums where you need to gain more exposure. This can help drive traffic to your site as well and when you have a lot of followers people respect you an look up to you.

The key to good branding depends on your ability to engage and keep up with social media. Let it build little by little till you start seeing traffic trickle in from all the social networks. Keep it up and you will have 30% of traffic coming from social till they eventually reach hundreds of visitors a day.

STEP 3: Now Let's Get You Some Followers - This should be done simultaneously with auto-posting if you want your social followers to grow steadily and it is the key to all of this, otherwise you will be posting pointlessly and not driving traffic back to your site since no one will see your posts. If you don't have branding and engagement in mind when managing your social media or even thinking your doing it for backlinks, then you really need to listen.

Follow top competitors followers and advertise to their fans or people you want to sell to - this is the key and it's easy, but what's not as easy is getting them to follow you, and it takes a lot of time. But if they are targeted then it will work, plus they are already purchasing from your competitors.

Launch a giveaway - this is absolutely the best strategy I use to gain targeted followers and fans in bulk. Giveaway something that the people you want to sell to would want. Make them subscribe to your newsletter, register to your site, follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. before they can enter. Now you have thousands of followers if you promote it correctly.

Now you can post and you have an actual audience -
Now say you did this over a period of 10 weeks, you will see results, and it will continue to gain momentum and once you hit 2K Twitter followers, 4K Facebook Fans, 700 Pinterest Followers and 400 Google+ Followers. Your new audience has potential to see your posts, and this is what drives traffic to your site from social media.

Always remember fake followers and fake fans do not convert ever. Only targeted will, so go get them, it's easy, just do it right. This strategy should be enough to see your Alexa climb weekly. This is pretty much all automated to so you can use your time to plan and create. Do not forget to engage with your new fans and followers, it makes them feel important and is a sign of good company. Little by little is the key to success unless you are handed everything.

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