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Hello Fellow Warriors...

I have a client who is letting me go through his 500+ connections and pick out as many as I want that I think would love what I do. He has over 3000! He will go through each one I put into Excel and approve or disapprove the direct referral.

But obviously will take me a while to go through each one that looks interesting and then find phone numbers for them (so he doesn't have to.) So, since I can't do it in one sitting, what can I do to prevent his 500+ Connections from reshuffling every time I go back into it? Is there some sort of software I can use that will assimilate everything (that anybody may know about?) Any recommendations?

Really just looking for something to help me download it...or any other ideas anybody may have...
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    Hey Twersk,

    Noticed no one replied to this. Have you solved this yet, is it still relevant?

    If it is, not sure if this helps you, but did you know you can export all 3,000 contacts to Excel? Here's the LinkedIn how to on that:
    Exporting Your LinkedIn Connections | LinkedIn Help Center

    Unfortunately you can't customise/filter it, it's a straight dump.

    Alternatively, you could try:
    1. Running an advanced search
    2. Filter down most likely contacts (by city/country etc.)
    3. Save the search
    4. Move through the saved search and Tag potential prospects
    5. Return to the saved search?

    Problem with that can be if it's a free account you won't be able to save/search all 3,000

    Anyways, just thought I'd jump in and try to help because you hadn't had any replies yet and I'm reading up on LinkedIn threads

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