Facebook Ads- Do's and Don'ts?

by willN
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Hello Warriors

I was wondering if there is a Do's and Don'ts list for Facebook ads. I have used Facebook with varying results and I think ad structure has a lot to do with it. Though I might be mistaken, it seems that you must write your Facebook ads a bit differently to get people to engage them, and take action after they engage. If there is not a list out there I would like to make one here.

Update from members
- Set a budget and stick to it. It's easy to over spend when doing paid ads.
- Experiment: run a few ad titles each week, or day if you have a large budget and see what works best, try different thumbnail images too
- Know your audience and narrow it when you creating your Ad Campaign. More targeted it is, better results you can expect.
- Do CPC and really work your ad to get a good CTR before doing CPM. Don't forget to check and pause your campaigns regularly.
- Install the conversion tracking pixel.

- Try to advertise every niche on Facebook, because Facebook is not made for everything.
- Let Facebook decide what your price per click/impressions will be.
- Increase your budget until you are getting conversions.
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