Your Best Tip For FACEBOOK AD Campaign?

by Dmaind
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Hello Guys,

I am setting up some facebook ad campaigns in b2b niche with a budget of $1500.

My main goal is to target DECISION MAKERS, reach ACTIVE USERS and to get GOOD CTR.

I would be really glad if you share any of your secret, tips or hacks.

Also, I would like to know which campaign do you prefer CPC or CPM?

D Maind
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    I can not release the tip but yes i can help you PM me.

    A Warrior always ready to L"earn"

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    start with cpc to get some data and after you know what brings the results you can move to custom cpm and lower your costs.
    You'll be able to see what works and what doesn't after $50-100 spent.

    I lie on marketing forums. Social media is for fun, pics & hook ups.

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      If you can find an engaging picture to go along with your campaign then PLEASE go with CPM. the results are much much better.
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    ^^Thank you guys! Keep them coming..
    372 Sold - WSO >>> Wicked Google Ranking Factors <<< Do You Know What Is Powerful Than HIGH PR .GOV LINKS?
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    The best tip... TEST, TEST everything.

    Learn the in's and out's of FB, the ads manager, the power editor. Know it like the back of your hand if you really want to master it.

    For about 90% of our campaigns... OCPM
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    Use audience insights to find good targets for interests.

    I do OCPM mainly too, (like 95% of the time), for my campaigns.
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    I would say cloak every ad. Even if ad looks legit. Lol
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