Where Do You Guys Get the Most Traffic From Social Media?

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First I want to ask - When you create YouTube videos or Facebook posts, do you get most of your traffic from keyword optimized videos?

What I am really asking is?
How do MOST people find your social media content? - whether on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram?
Is it through search engine?

Another question I have is:

How effective would it be if I made a video on YouTube, and then share a link to the video only once or twice on Google+ or Twitter (in general)?

I tried posting a couple links to my video on other social sites, but I only got a few re-shares. Not much happened.

So I am questioning what I did wrong - whether it is the SEO or if I wasn't posting enough. If I post too often, I'm thinking that I might be seen as a spammer, and that's not where I want to go.

But if had put a little bit more time into the keyword research, I am wondering how effective this would be.
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    FB's News Feed algorithm has made spreading content for emerging publishers difficult. I'd suggest trying Twitter.
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    For social media, we do better with FB.

    Do it right, and you'll get tons of engagement.

    The key is to pay to boost the posts that are showing signs of good engagement.

    So don't discount FB, no matter what anyone says.. because if you can figure out how to make it work for your particular business, you have millions and millions of people available to you.
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    For some reason I get a lot of traffic through Twitter. I think it might just be the niche because some markets do work better with real time social networks.

    The thing I love about Facebook is that you can really spam the hell out of it. I mean build your rep up from the site because Google just lets it get through because it is such an authority site.
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    Just make sure that when posting, you do it naturally. You post on relevant pages/groups. They key to get traffic from social media sites is to actually engage. Of course, you'll get banned just by posting links there and there. Communicate with your followers and build reputation. In that way, you will not only be trusted and get traffic but you'll benefit from it long term.

    BTW, been handling Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, and I really got decent traffic from it.

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    Social media work.

    But using social media comes with different technique to get what you want. In our own experience, we try to make it really 'natural' as if we are just communicating with a friend. For instance in Facebook/twitter, we make captions that people can relate or hang into. Even if it is paid or not, the point is people can relate to what you are offering.

    Connect, build reputation, and do it better..these are the key!
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    I have my biggest following on Twitter with almost 11,000 followers. However, my most active followers are on Facebook where I have just over 1,200 likes.

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    Actually, my site gets mainly traffic from Linkedin and Google+. That sounds interesting!
    The reason is my site focuses on my business and my careers.
    Or perhaps, I lack skills on Facebook (the largest social network today). I hope everyone gives me some advices to help me increase likes and fan involvement on Facebook.
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    Let me tell you all the social media are useful and beneficial to increase the flow of users, but you must have to use it in proper way. For e.g. If you are going to promote any video of your business or company and will promote it on twitter or facebook rather then YouTube then it will not bring that much traffic to you as YouTube can.

    So according to me the relevancy of your content and community and the time and place must important for where you are going to promote your product, services, video or images.
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    Facebook and YouTube are still my biggest referrers. But Google plus is starting to pick up more and more..

    I guess Pinterest will be social media platform I can count on for more targeted traffic, due to its simplicity and ease of use.

    Just don't post one link over and over again on one platform and you will be ok..Make sure the content you post is of good quality and no one will think of you as a spammer..

    Make sure to realize these are real people and build trust, be genuinely interested and connect with like minded people whenever possible..
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    Pinterest is best social media which scatters your post easily and rapidly, And will have a huge traffic on a website. I am using pinterest which best popular nowadays for advertisements cause.

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    Facebook by a mile, but that's also where I invest most of my time and money.

    I also post to YouTube, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest. I would love to build up 1/4 of the results that I get on Facebook with other platforms... I'll just keep plugging away.
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    Best Traffic, Twitter......
    Most Sales.......Facebook
    Most Engagement.....Instagram

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    I'm not an expert in all social media platforms, but if you're starting to explore SEO benefits from social media with fastest ROI, go and master google+ first.
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    For SEO YouTube tells you exactly where they want you to put your content for social media exposure. Just click the share tab, and about a dozen social media sites pop up. Google doesn't do anything by accident.

    I've found several good Google + groups, and Facebook groups that like my content. The key is to find real engaging communities, not just "spam farms".

    Also, if your videos are informative, which they should be, it shouldn't be seen as spamming at all.

    When I create a video, I share it immediately to about 6 relative Facebook and G+ groups. To find relevant groups go to google and type - inurl:plus.google.com"keyword phrase"
    for Facebook - inurl:facebook.com "keyword phrase"

    That should give you some good starting points.

    Casey Hicks

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    You tube video sharing good idea but you should sharing link other sites like Facebook,LinkedIn also most impotent Google+ etc because more traffic in sites
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    Pinterest is and has been for sometime a huge and easy traffic source. But for all social media marketing it is all about sharing useful, interesting and engaging content. Build relationships and being consistent are also a huge factor.

    I suggest you reverse engineer other peoples success and apply to your own social campaign.
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    I got mostly traffic from stumbleupon and pinterest

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    You won't get much from social sites if you do not have following
    So first thing is to build audience, just share stuff people will like, forget about your site
    Once you have established significant audience you can start promoting your site
    But if you don't have following in social sites then it is all SEO
    You need to try upload multiple unique videos with different keywords and titles,
    You just have try a lot and twist, if you are lucky you will hit some gem

    It is just that it requires HARD WORK
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