if you were newbie what would you want to be told

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Hey I am a magician based in Australia interested in expanding my internet marketing knowledge in social media.

I basically would love to tackle the wedding market and target brides for leads, to do either 1. mingle magic at reception or 2. flash apperance, do a slick elegant apperance of the bride and groom at reception.

I am looking for avenues of how to go about marketing this please get in touch if you can help me or want to connect and chat ideas,

This is video of me so you can get an idea of what I do

skype jgraymagic
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    These are ten things I wish I had been told when I was starting out.
    1. You and your business are one. Your life is all intimately tied together whether you like it or not. Your health, your lifestyle, and your work all must be in balance if you want to achieve optimum results. If you neglect parts of your life like sleep, relationships, and fun, your work is likely to be be mediocre. The worst part is that until you compare how you work with a balanced life to how you work in the extreme (60+ hour work weeks), you are unlikely to even know what you are missing. If you balance your life well, you can often spend less time working and do more of your best work.
    2. You can do anything through email. You do not need to take phone calls or communicate any other way if you do not want to. You can close $100,000+ deals and anything else if you can write good emails.
    3. Getting started is easy. Being successful is hard. You can make your first few $$$$ online fairly easily and the big challenges come when you try to push past that. No matter what system you use, where you work, or who you work with, success generally will take consistent work over a long period of time. Working slow and steady will nearly always beat working fast and furious.
    4. Most people online are trustworthy, kind, and fair. What experience you have with most people will directly relate to how you think of them. You are guaranteed to run into a few people that are not trustworthy, kind, or fair. Do not let them sour your experience on the rest of humanity.
    5. Most people will have a bad day and treat you how to treat them. Communicate enough with anyone and you will say the wrong things to them and they will say the wrong things to you. When you get through negative experiences and problems with people online, you can truly see what is possible.
    6. Silence is golden. If you are being swamped with emails from one person, sometimes waiting for them to stop emailing is the ideal solution. If they flip out at you and want to end the relationship, you often will benefit from not having them around. In a negotiation, give the other party time to respond rather than sending them repeated emails.
    7. Maximize good opportunities. Focus on love and faith during struggles to turn bad lucky into good luck. Good and bad fortune hit everyone. The more you try, the more you will both succeed and fail. Getting the most out of each success and using bad luck as a learning experience will make sure you continue growing no matter what happens to you.
    8. Know what works instead of guessing. Businesses spend billions of dollars trying to make predictions that are often wrong. Start by assuming you do not know what works. Try many different approaches and discover what does work. When you find strategies that work, repeat them and verify they really do work. Then, push them to the limits and keep searching for more opportunities.
    9. Keep in mind the 80/20 rule for your business. The 80/20 rule in economics applies to your business like this. 80% of your money is likely to come from 20% of your customers. 80% of your difficulties are likely to come from 20% of what you do. 80% of your business should focus on the big idea you already have and 20% should focus on the next big thing. This means you can drop the customers that cause you the most difficultly without sacrificing your business and focus on the 20% that love working with you. This means you can drop 80% of what you do in favor of focusing on the 20% of what you do that really matters.
    10. Relax and love the people around you. You are going to die someday and you have a fixed amount of time to do everything in your entire life before then. There are billions of other people out there that can help and who also are in the same situation you are. No matter what you have done right or wrong, good or bad, we are all in this together. Your work is one part of your life. When your time is up, what will you wish you had spent more time doing?

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