How much to charge for FB marketing?

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I have just been asked to help a friend of mine who runs a company to help them do FB advertising. I am wondering how much should I be charging?
They are providing all the artwork, copy writing and landing pages.

My sole responsibilities to run campaigns to drive traffic to their landing pages via news feed ads (mobile & desktop), right hand ads as well as page post engagement.

I am wondering how much should I be charging for this service? and what type of % from the service fee that I should use to pay for the advertisement? (Example: If I were to charge $1,000 for the overall service, how much of the $1,000 should be use for the buying of ads?)

Campaigns is to be run for 20 days and its solely FB advertisement only.

Hope to get some advice and input from all of you here.

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    Usually charging a flat rate for your work is ideal so that you can know how much you are getting paid for how much work you have to do. How much to spend on the ads depends on what likelihood you have of getting repeat business and having your future work depend on your current work. If what you do on each project does not relate much to the work you get in the future, spend as little as possible on the ads maybe 10%. If you get a lot of repeat clients and have heavy analysis into what results you get, spend as much as you can stand maybe 50% to 75%.
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      Thanks a lot banwork for your input. At least this gives me a guideline as a start as this is the first time someone asked me to do online marketing for them. All this while, I am doing it for my own online affiliate businesses.
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