How to find a facebook page or group based on specific criteria?

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I can find PEOPLE based on multiple criteria so it's very easy to run a laser-targeted campaign towards females aged 35-50 living in South Africa, but it's so hard to find PAGES or GROUPS based on multiple criteria. I can't really run a laser-targeted campaign towards pages or groups that have the name "sexual harassment" with over 2,500 likes located in North America. I have to type in a name and manually browse for pages that have a high number of likes. Are there any ways to have more filters on pages and groups in the search page?

And before anyone says that I am going to spam pages, I'm not. Someone bashed me on other forum accusing me of being a spammer and how what I am trying to do is illegal. A person can look up multiple facebook pages to grow their network if they wanted need to spam.
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    I don't think that there is any extra options to filter out a specific facebook group to market to.

    I would say just type in a keyword of a specific group that you would like to target.

    If I could find a link to a software that will do this for you, I will be sure to post it, but I believe the only way that you can find specific Facebook groups is by typing in a specific search term.

    Also, maybe your group doesn't come up right away. . . try a different search term. Sometimes, thinking out of the box and brainstorming variations of a keywords really helps me out.

    You can use this Free Keyword Tracker to find different variations for one keyword. It's free, all you have to do is verify your email.

    Hope this helps out!

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    I have been messing a bit with Facebook's hashtag feature. It does help you find groups to a certain extent.
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      Originally Posted by Dustin Lariscy View Post

      I have been messing a bit with Facebook's hashtag feature. It does help you find groups to a certain extent.
      Likewise. I justrecently found out how to use it.<whateverhashtagyouwanttousehere> It brings up pages/groups that have posted about your hashtag. Really useful!
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    Yes, there is a way. You can extract UIDs of users on Facebook who are part of such groups and pages by using softwares like FB lead chef,Social Lead Fox etc and then upload these UIDs as custom audiences using Power Editor/Standard Ads Manager and target them.
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    I am not aware of any automatic ways to locate the pages, you might have to do this manually.
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