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I'm targeting a niche that I know has tons of products for sale that are very popular, and I'm looking through facebook and I can't find a single group that is built dedicated to discussing that specific niche, there are however some pages for the main company that builds products for that niche, just no groups.

Is that a good sign? does that mean that creating a group for that niche will get results fast?

what are the first steps I can take to get this group rolling, people finding it and contributing to it?

At this point, I'm not really promoting anything, I'm just targeting this niche and I plan to build a website around it in the near future, but I decided to work on Social media first so when after I create the website, I'll have a small following to start off with

Any help is much appreciated
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  • I think you should know about the naming system.

    I am doing research on this.

    People don't name their group with the obvious name like "internet marketing group".

    They name it in a crazy or related way.

    Example: "[abc] high school class of 2013".

    Something like that.

    People don't go shopping in Facebook.

    You need something fun and entertaining related to your products to opt them to your list.

    I suggest find crazy keyword.

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    If I were you, I'd get going with a facebook page, and a website, fast! I'd even purchase a domain related to that niche for my website.

    Especially if it is such an untapped niche as you explained. If you can't find anything on it, it probably means that there is little to no competition. . . and a huge opportunity for you to make some money.

    Although making money isn't guaranteed or promised, you will never know the results unless you give it a shot. I always say that its better to know that something doesn't work than to find out later that it does.

    Hope this is helpful!

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      Thank you Josh, your post was very helpful ( and alertmakemoney4738 too) I decided to go after both a page and a group, I have picked an "engaging" name for the group and a specific name for the page, I will use them to work with each other and I hope to accomplish something.

      Now that niche, already has a few blog posts about it, I just hope people can find it!!

      Any proven strategies about working the page and the group simultaneously for maximum results?
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    The only way to build a page followers is to get some ads rolling to it. Since you can target those other pages/interests, that'd be the way to go.

    The alternative route is to make something viral, but that isn't as easy as everyone would have you believe. On top of that, the viral posts we've gotten result in a ton of views and likes, but very little in the way of retention. Kind of like a one hit wonder - everyone remembers that 1 song but none of the others that artist made.
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      Thank you! can I use content from other places ?(like a video on youtube, a picture on pinterest)

      if I can find things that haven't got viral yet or on its way to becoming viral, is it going to benefit me if it actually got viral?
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        one other thing to consider is that depending on your niche the groups may have been changed from "open" to "closed" and then eventually to "secret". I'm a part of several groups where this has happened. The admins got sick of the spammers so they made the group "invisible" to non-members.

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