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by Zaflow
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In terms of getting indexed in google, is it better to have many "business" accounts, each dedicated to a niche, with the business name related to the niche.

or is it better to have a personal account, with each board is dedicated to a niche

Pros and cons of business vs personal, thoughts?
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    I would suggests that you get multiple business accounts that way you can use keywords to SEO these accounts for the specific needs.
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      I believe I've read somewhere that Pinterest expects you to register as a business account if you have a website. Also, for what its worth, you get free analytics with a business account, which I don't believe personal pinterest sites get. That alone would make it worth going "business", I should think.
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    Ok maybe i should rephrase the question

    Do you guys think it is better you operate under your name and real picture? Or is it better to have a business account and name and picture for each niche you operate under.

    I m wondering about this because i have seen some major accounts on pinterest who have many different boards and many followers but whats really cool is that they managed to rank the boards on 1st page. .

    So its the indivisual boards that gets indexed, not the board page where all the boards are located .

    So i experminted with this and i find people like to follow a real person rather than a company,

    Am i crazy ? Or is that true? Opinions?

    So, is it better to have 10 boards with 100 followers each? 1000 followers, 10 niches.

    Or 10 profiles with 100 followers each?
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    Be yourself, use one business account and use a variety of boards that both you and your followers will like. These other shady tactics don't set you up for long time success.
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