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I noticed that not everyone on my friends list on facebook gets the status updates I make in their feed. I made a business page on facebook besides my personal page though and I have not done anything with it because I didn't see the point since I could just post with my personal page.

So my question is about likes. If I get all of my friends to like the business page, does that mean they will all see the updates on that page? Is that how it works when you like a page? Or would people like it and still not get all the updates?
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      If your friends have liked the page, then they will then have the opportunity to see your posts in their newsfeed. However, everyone's newsfeed is unique depending upon how many friends and pages they have. With that said, not everyone will stumble upon your posts in their newsfeed.

      If someone wants to see everything you post they will go to your page. Hover over the "like" arrow, and click on "get notifications." When this is clicked, every time you make a post they will get a notification like they would if someone commented on their page.

      So, if you want your followers to see everything you post. Suggest that they not only like the page, but they also click on "get notifications."

      I hope this helps!
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    Probably the best answer to your question would be to review the actual FAQ and Help sections on facebook itself....should be able to find all your answers directly on their site. You also might want to search for facebook on warrior forum to see what pops up for referring to.
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    From experience, I have found that if someone likes your Facebook fanpage, then they will receive your updates and posts in their news feed. If they like your posts and updates, then their friends will also notice your fanpage which is always good.

    If they unlike, or unfollow you, then they will not receive your posts. It all boils down to the content that you are posting to keep your audience engaged.

    Hope this is helpful!

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    For both your personal page and business page - FB's algorithm decides what fans/friends see and don't see based on several factors, such as previous engagement, post engagement, page popularity, etc. Sponsored Posts are the only way to ensure reach and those must be paid for.
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    We wish it worked like that .

    Look into EdgeRank and PTAT.

    It basically breaks down like this: if your fans engage with your content a lot, then they will see more of it. If they don't, they will never hear from you again.

    Even so, Facebook is restricting the amount of updates your followers see in hopes that you will advertise with them.

    On the whole, you get what you pay for.

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    If someone likes your Facebook page, then they will receive your updates and posts in their news feed...
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    In the past yes that how it worked but Facebook has changed it , now only a fraction of the people who like your page will actually see your posts. To get more views you have to pay to promote your post.
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    Facebook is always changing its rules and algorithms so it's a constant battle to be up to date and understand just how effective your reach can be. MtTwoFister mentioned asking your 'likes' to click on 'get notifications' which is the only sure-fire way that every follower will see what you post.

    Promoting your post will help a lot, but of course costs $.

    Good luck!
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    By liking the page, they are accepting that they are interested in getting updates from this page. So, whenever you post something or share something on your page.. it automatically gets displayed on their wall..

    I would ask you to invite all your friends, and ask their friends to like your page...
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