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is there any good software for facebook marketing? please help...
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    I don't think there is any specific software, you have to do things manually depending on what type of marketing you want to do, free or paid.
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  • Facebook is for socialize.

    Not for marketing.

    People don't go shopping on Facebook.

    So, post your own stories. Don't think about doing that.

    People will turn you off.

    Currently on mode of looking for growing traffic. If you have an offer, contact me by email: blastor555@gmail.com

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    Originally Posted by Chandrapaul View Post

    is there any good software for facebook marketing? please help...
    The best one I have ever seen is http://payspree.com/18961/thetaclear I am using it all the time with great success. Just do not overuse it!
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    Facebook software tools usually have short life-spans because they usually go against their TOS. For instance, a piece of software to automatically post to groups would be sought as spamming. The only software tool I use is an ad graphics creator.
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    If you want to learn more about Facebook and using it for your business, there are some good YouTube videos that contain some exceptional advice. I'd recommend Michelle Pescosolido, she is considered the Facebook Queen. I've learned a lot from her myself.
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    I have heard of any software that does Facebook marketing but you can hire someone to it manually if it’s too much trouble for you to do.
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