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Hey warriors. A couple quick questions on video hosting. In regards to YouTube and Dailymotion.

Has anyone had much experience using both?
What differences are important to note?
What seems to provide larger income off of ads?

YouTube - In the long run with a lot of traffic flow, a user can begin to make a lot of money with there ads.

DailyMotion - They have an official sign up where you make a significant % of the ad revenue right from the start.

I am only just getting into creating videos myself, and would like some extra insight on what is best to chose for video host.
Thanks for sharing!
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    Why not add a affiliate link in the description?
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    i've earned much money from those :d
    it's good for put your promote link
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      These are options I am certainly considering. Referencing to my website and other recommendations is certain what I plan, but what about the ad revenue that is generated from each?

      I hear YouTube requires 1 Million views before a compensation is setup for the user. What experiences are there with this?

      After posting this, and thinking more about it, I feel that using both wouldn't hurt. Still curious about the revenue generated from each however.
      Damien Parsons
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    I believe YouTube would be your best choice if you are attempting make money from your videos.
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    I too got dailymotion publisher account, but yet tried with any videos, thanks for remembering it!
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